The Resolution on key tasks and solutions to implement socio-economic development plans, State budget estimates, and improve business environment and national competitiveness in 2023

On 06/1/2023, the Government issued the Resolution No. 01/NQ-CP on the main tasks and solutions for the implementation of the socio-economic development plan, State budget estimates and improve business environment and national competitiveness in 2023.

According to the Resolution, in 2022, the situation in the world and the country is more complicated than forecast; the difficulties and challenges for the economy are increasing, creating great pressure on the management and administration of the macro-economy, greatly affecting the recovery and development of many industries, fields and people's lives. However, continuing to inherit and promote the great achievements of historical significance over more than 35 years of renovation and comprehensive results from the beginning of the term until now; under the leadership of the Party, the effective and efficient management of the State; the drastic participation of the whole political system; the joint effort and consensus of the business community and people nationwide; with the support and help of international friends, the country's socio-economic situation has recovered positively and achieved important results, reaching and exceeding 13/15 targets set out in the plan. In which the macro-economy is basically stable, inflation is under control, economic growth is on the rebound, major balances are secured; promptly carried out solutions to extend and reduce a number of taxes, fees, charges and land rents to remove difficulties for production and business; effectively perform regular tasks, at the same time focusing on handling long-standing backlog issues and promptly solving and responding to newly arising problems, initially gaining positive results. The average consumer price index (CPI) for the whole year only increased by 3.15%; GDP growth is estimated to reach at 8.02%, GDP scale is estimated to reach at about USD 409 billion. State budget revenue is estimated to exceed 27.76% of the estimate, seeing an increase of 14.12% compared to 2021. Total investment capital of the whole society is estimated to increase by 11.2%. Export turnover is estimated to reach at 371.39 billion USD, up 10.6%; the economy has an estimated surplus of 11.2 billion USD. Price management, especially for essential commodities, especially gasoline, oil, and textbooks is concerned and directed fiercely, closely and effectively. The balance of electricity, gasoline and food is guaranteed, basically dealing with the local shortage of gasoline and oil; basic labor supply to meet demand. National defense and security have been consolidated and strengthened; social order and safety, independence and sovereignty are maintained; foreign affairs and international integration have achieved many positive results; the prestige and position of the country continues to be enhanced. The investment and business environment has changed quite positively. The fields of culture, society, labor and employment has attained a lot of important results, the epidemic has been controlled, contributing to socio-economic stability; people's lives are improved. Vietnam continues to be an attractive investment destination and a dynamic economy, recognized and ranked highly by many international organizations in 2022.

2023 is the mid-term year, which plays an important role in the implementation of the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress and the Resolution of the National Assembly on the 5-year socio-economic development plan for 2021 - 2025. The world pattern continues to evolve very complex, fast, and unpredictable. Strategic competition with big countries, economic competition, and trade war are more intense. The military conflict in Ukraine could continue. The consequences of the global Covid-19 pandemic still need to be overcome for many years. Inflation continues at a high level, the trend of tightening monetary policy and increasing interest rates has persisted in many countries. The risk of illiquidity, risk, instability in finance, currency, public debt, real estate, energy security, food, information globally increases. The global economy tends to slow down, some countries show signs of falling into an economic recession. In the country, the economy has opportunities, advantages and difficulties, challenges are intertwined but difficulties and challenges are more. Inflation pressure, exchange rate, interest rate increase; production and business continue to face many challenges; Vietnam's traditional and large import and export markets have been narrowed. The shortcomings, limitations and inadequacies of the economy in terms of economic structure, domestic production capacity, accumulated financial, monetary and real estate markets have not been resolved for a long time; the scale of the country's economy is still modest, but its openness is large, its competitiveness and resistance to shocks from outside are still limited; and unexpected factors still have potential risks and are difficult to predict; epidemics, climate change, natural disasters, droughts, storms and floods continue to develop abnormally, with more severe impacts.

In order to successfully implement the goals and tasks of the socio-economic development plan in 2023 according to the Resolution of the National Assembly, the Government requires all levels, branches and localities to be determined and maintain the spirit of overcoming difficulties, solidarity, self-reliance, proactive adaptation, flexibility, drastic action, science, efficiency, active innovation, creativity in the spirit of the operating theme "Unity and discipline, flexible bravery, innovation, and efficiency” with 06 points of view, main direction and management, including:

1. To stick to the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress; thematic resolutions and conclusions of the Central Committee, Politburo and Resolutions of the National Assembly and the Government. To focus on synchronously and effectively implementing the viewpoints, goals, tasks and solutions of the Socio-Economic Development Strategy 2021-2030, the Five-Year Plan for the 2021-2025 period, in which focusing on 3 important strategic breakthroughs, 6 key tasks and 12 main solution groups.

2. Absolutely not subjective, negligent, lose vigilance, but also not bewildered, wavering; always keep calm, confident, brave, proactive, flexible, creative in leadership, directing and operating, not changing state suddenly, operating "jerky". Solidarity, unity, striving, joint effort, unanimous determination to act at the highest level in the spirit of high determination to create synergy and consensus of the whole political system and society; adapt flexibly and effectively to the context and situation to "turn risks into threats", resolutely overcome difficulties and challenges, take advantage of opportunities and advantages for socio-economic development; proactively and actively integrate into the world comprehensively, deeply, substantively, effectively and build an independent and self-reliant economy.

3. To improve analysis and forecasting capacity; be proactive in all situations, sensitively grasp new developments of the situation, promptly and decisively handle problems effectively, develop flexible scenarios and plans, and adapt to new arising problems. To continue to operate monetary policy firmly, proactively, flexibly and effectively; closely and synchronously coordinate with expansionary fiscal policy and other policies; timely manage macroeconomic, fiscal and monetary policy tools to properly and effectively balance exchange rates with interest rates, between controlling inflation and promoting economic growth, in line with the current situation.

4. Synchronicity, unity and determination, decisiveness in directing and administering, focusing on effectively handling regular tasks, long-standing backlog issues, and promptly responding effectively to urgent and unexpected problems arising in the short term, at the same time implementing fundamental tasks and solutions in the medium and long term. To strengthen institutional improvement, focus on good implementation of communication and policy response in the process of elaborating and promulgating legal documents, focus on solving difficulties and having policy solutions to timely and effectively support for production and business; do the job completely, not prolong, cause congestion, waste resources; ensure the synchronization of immediate and long-term goals, contributing to the promotion of rapid and sustainable socio-economic development,

5. To develop culture on par with economy, politics and society. To well implement policies on social security, sustainable poverty reduction, ensure social progress and justice, protect the environment sustainably, take care of the material and spiritual life of the People, especially those with disabilities, needy households, vulnerable groups in remote areas, border areas, islands and ethnic minorities.

6. To continue to consolidate and maintain national defense and security; step up external activities, improve the quality and efficiency of international integration; ensure a stable, peaceful and cooperative environment to promote rapid and sustainable development.

In addition, the Resolution also sets out the main tasks, solutions and organization of implementation.

Source: Hoang Ha