Chu Dong Tu - Tien Dung traditional festival opens

The announcement ceremony of the Decision on Certification of the Da Hoa Temple Festival (Binh Minh Commune, Khoai Chau District and Me So Commune, Van Giang District) taken on the List of National Intangible Cultural Heritage and the opening of Chu Dong Tu - Tien Dung Traditional Festival on March 1 was held at Da Hoa Temple, Binh Minh Commune (Khoai Chau). The ceremony drew the attendance of Mr. Tran Quoc Van, Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, Chairman of the Provincial People's; members of the Standing board of the Provincial Party Committee; leaders of the boards, departments, branches, districts, town and city in the province with a large number of people and tourists inside and outside the province.

Delegates offer incenses at Da Hoa temple, Binh Minh commune (Khoai Chau)

Chu Dong Tu - Tien Dung festival is one of the great festivals of the country, a picture of the rich, lively spiritual life and profound cultural values of the ancient Vietnamese in the exploration of the swamp, alluvium along the Red River from thousands of years ago. This is not only a place to transmit and spread the legend of a beautiful and sacred love between a poor man Chu Dong Tu and Princess Tien Dung (daughter of the 18th Hung King) but also a place to educate the tradition of filial piety, humanity and compassion for future generations. The festival also expresses the people's aspiration to pray for favorable rain and good wind for favorable plantation, peaceful, prosperous and happy villages.

This year's Chu Dong Tu - Tien Dung traditional festival is held on a grand scale (every 3 years) with the participation of nine villages in the old Tong Me, now nine villages in two communes: Binh Minh (Khoai (Khoai Chau) and Me So (Van Giang). On the first day of the festival, the villages carried out a procession of Thanh Hoang's palanquin to Da Hoa temple, Binh Minh commune to attend the festival; offered incenses to the saints.

In addition to the ceremony, during the festival, there are also traditional folk games, cultural and sports exchanges such as Chinese chess, Tru singing, Trong Quan singing, dragon dance competition, etc.

The highlight of this year's festival is the water procession and cruise on the Red River. The festival takes place in 3 days, from March 1 to March 3 (ie from February 10 to 12 of the lunar calendar). Chu Dong Tu - Tien Dung festival is the most unique love festival in the country, not only a place of spiritual worship but also a tourist attraction, attracting a large number of tourists when coming to Hung Yen.

At the ceremony, the representative of Khoai Chau district announced Decision No. 153/QD-BVHTTDL dated February 2, 2023 of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism certifying the Da Hoa Temple Festival (Binh Minh commune, Khoai Chau district and Me So commune, Van Giang district) is included in the list of national intangible cultural heritage. This is the motivation for the local government and people to continue preserving and promoting the unique cultural values of the heritage in the area.