The plan of the Provincial People's Committee to implement the Project: "Promoting Vietnamese enterprises to directly participate in foreign distribution networks by 2030" in Hung Yen province

On 13/01/2023, the Provincial People's Committee issued the Plan No. 08/KH-UBND on the implementation of the Project: "Promoting Vietnamese enterprises to directly participate in foreign distribution networks by 2030” in Hung Yen province.

Accordingly, the overall objective of the Plan is to develop the import-export market, ensure sustainable growth; encourage enterprises in the province to participate in the global chain of production, supply and distribution of goods, and export directly to foreign distribution networks on the basis of promoting their strengths and taking full advantage of their competition advantages for export goods of the province; strengthen the building of cooperative relationships between enterprises of the province and foreign distribution networks; contribute to changing production thinking, organize production in a sustainable way, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, attract domestic and foreign investment sources in the production and processing of high-quality export goods, increase added value for export goods of the province.

Specific objectives are as follows: Supporting on market information for more than 500 businesses; supporting to improve competitiveness and supply capacity for over 300 enterprises; supporting over 100 enterprises to build capacity to participate in cross-border e-commerce; organizing more than 100 connections and trade with foreign distribution networks; striving to 2030, Hung Yen province's goods will be present in the traditional and online distribution chains of some countries with Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) with Vietnam.

Specific tasks are set out including: Supporting businesses in market information; supporting production development, creating supply sources for foreign markets; supporting to improve the competitiveness of products and businesses, gradually adapting and transforming production to meet the trend of sustainable consumption; encouraging and supporting enterprises to build their capacity to participate in cross-border e-commerce; supporting brand building and development; organizing activities to connect and trade with foreign distribution networks; organizing traditional activities; formulating policies to promote foreign enterprises to develop sustainable purchasing strategies with enterprises in the province.

The plan assigns tasks to the Department of Industry and Trade: To assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with other departments, branches, the People's Committees of districts, town, city and relevant units in organizing the effective implementation of tasks in the plan; organize the effective implementation of national and local trade promotion programs, guide and assist enterprises in building product brands, applying environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies, and applying cleaner production; organize training programs for enterprises, production facilities and export goods in the province; provide information on foreign markets, free trade agreements, new policies and laws related to import and export business; guide export enterprises to study technical barriers to trade, international practices for each export commodity; the measures to “self-protect” when there are trade disputes or anti-dumping lawsuits…; organize training courses to disseminate knowledge on international integration related to the bilateral and multilateral economic - trade - investment agreements that Vietnam has signed; support the development of linkages between businesses and industry associations and foreign distribution enterprises and corporations; coordinate with relevant agencies to establish relationships with Trade Offices - Vietnamese Trade Counselors in other countries to receive information on market situation, technical barriers in trade, etc., supporting enterprises to connect and export directly to foreign distribution networks; effectively carry out the Hung Yen province's e-commerce development plan; National e-commerce projects in the province.

In addition, the Plan assigns other specific tasks to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development; Department of Finane; Department of Science and Technology; Department of Information and Communications; departments, branches, the People's Committees of districts, town and city; the Provincial Business Association, production and business establishments and enterprises in the province.

Source: Ngoc Hung