The plan of the Provincial People's Committee to implement the national target programs in Hung Yen province in the period of 2021-2025

On 30/12/2022, the Provincial People's Committee issued Plan No. 213/KH-UBND on the implementation of national target programs in Hung Yen province in the 2021-2025 period.

Accordingly, the Plan sets out the common goal of developing national target programs on new rural construction and sustainable poverty reduction in Hung Yen province in order to improve the material and spiritual life of the people, build appropriate socio-economic infrastructure, continue to improve the quality and effectiveness of new rural criteria; economic structure and forms of production organization rationally; agricultural restructuring associated with rural economic development and new rural areas construction; link rural development with urban areas; reduce poverty, limit the situation of falling back into poverty, create conditions for poor and near-poor households to have jobs, develop the economy, rise out of poverty, ensure social security, national defense and security and order.

The plan sets out the following specific goals:

- For the national target program on building new rural areas:

+ District level: By the end of 2025, the whole province has from 01-05 district-level units meeting the newly advanced rural standard and from 01-02 meeting the newly model rural standard.

+ Commune level: By the end of 2025, the whole province has 100% of communes meeting the standard of "Newly advanced rural commune"; and 63.75% of communes meeting the standard of "Newly model rural commune".

+ Per capita income in rural areas reaches at least 80 million VND/person/year by 2025; the rate of population participating in health insurance attains 95%; 100% of households in rural areas have access to clean water.

- For the national target program on sustainable poverty reduction:

+ To realize the national goal of reducing multi-dimensional, inclusive and sustainable poverty, limit re-poorness; make an important contribution to the realization of economic growth goals, ensure social security, improve living standards, increase people's incomes, and create favorable conditions for the poor and needy households to best access basically social services (employment, health care, education, housing, water, sanitation and information).

+ By the end of 2025, the poverty rate will be reduced to less than 0.5% (according to the national multidimensional poverty line for the period of 2022-2025).

Th solutions for implementing national target programs:

- To continue to boost propaganda on new rural construction and poverty reduction. To launch emulation movements to build new countryside and reduce poverty in the whole province. To promptly reward and encourage collectives, individuals and households with outstanding achievements in the new rural construction and poverty reduction.

- To strengthen training for staff engaged in new rural areas construction and poverty reduction in districts, cities, communes and villages; pay special attention to organizing in-depth training courses on skills in building economic development models, building product chains, promoting products, etc. To make a plan to innovate work, visit and study business experience in localities where the new rural construction movement has developed.

- Regarding resource mobilization:

+ The provincial budget manages and partially supports the implementation of the objectives and tasks of the National Target Programs of Hung Yen province, especially the difficult contents and tasks of socialization; priority will be given to communes registering to strive to meet standards to accelerate the completion of new rural criteria and difficult communes of the province.

+ To effectively organize the land use rights auction scheme to create capital for the construction of newly advanced rural areas and newly model rural areas for the period of 2021-2025 (according to Resolution No. 09-NQ/TU dated June 15, 2021 of the 19th Provincial Party Executive Committee; Decision No. 2279/QD-UBND dated September 30, 2021 of the People's Committee of Hung Yen Province).

+ To integrate other capital sources for the implementation of other programs and projects to jointly realize the goals and tasks of the National Target Programs of Hung Yen province.

+ To encourage credit institutions in the area to expand credit investment, especially in the field of agriculture and rural areas; call for contributing to building a new rural area; credit capital for lending through social policy banks; formulate national targets for poverty reduction, vocational training and employment; mobilize socialization from economic organizations, domestic and foreign benefactors and other legal capital sources.

- To actively review and issue guiding mechanisms and policies to ensure compliance with regulations and actual local conditions and in the direction of creating favorable conditions for the implementation of the Program.

- To regularly consolidate and improve the capacity of Steering committees and assisting apparatus at all levels: Perfecting the assisting apparatus of Steering committees at all levels, especially at district and commune levels; building the supporting apparatus of the Steering committee in the direction of professionalism and full-time; strengthen inspection of the implementation progress of new rural construction, grasp the difficulties and obstacles at the grassroots level, proactively propose solutions to remove in a timely manner or report and propose to the Provincial People's Committee, the Provincial Steering Committee to make timely solutions.

Source: Ngoc Hung