The solutions to increase administrative reform index

At the end of May, the Government's Steering Committee for Administrative Reform announced the Public Administration Reform Index (Par Index) of ministries, ministerial-level agencies, the People's Committees of provinces and centrally-run cities in 2021. Hung Yen province has reached 88.34 points, ranked 12th out of 63 provinces and cities in the country, up 10 levels as compared to 2020. This is the result of efforts of all levels of government, but it also sets challenges to Public Administration Reform (PAR) in order to better serve people and businesses.

The working hours at the Center for Public Administration Service and Administrative Procedure Control

Par Index score is determined by two groups: the Ministry of Home Affairs' assessment of the results of administrative reform implementation and the sociological survey score. As noted by the Ministry of Home Affairs, ministries and branches, Hung Yen province always closely follows the tasks of the Government, ministries and central branches to implement 24 documents including decisions and plans to carry out Par duties. The elaboration and performance of legal documents have been assessed to perform well all the required contents, reaching a maximum of 5/5 points, especially the implementation of activities on law enforcement monitoring; reviewing legal documents and handling illegal documents...

Regarding administrative procedure reform, the contents have been evaluated well, such as: To carry out the control of administrative procedures; 100% of administrative procedures under the handling competence of the province, vertical sector, the People's Committees of districts and communes have been received and returned the results at the one-stop shop at all levels; the results of handling complaints and recommendations of individuals and organizations regarding administrative procedures regulations are publicized on the Government's information system to receive feedbacks and recommendations in accordance with regulations.

In particular, the satisfaction index of people and organizations with the service of state administrative agencies in 2021, Hung Yen province has increased 2 levels as compared to the previous year and ranked the 3rd out of 63 provinces and cities. In which, the level of satisfaction about receiving and handling comments, reflections and recommendations reached 92.59%. It shows that the State administrative agencies of the province have fiercely directed the implementation and very progressive in receiving comments, reflections, recommendations and timely handled and reported the results of settlement of petitions for people and organizations.

The reform of the administrative apparatus is an area that is evaluated to perform well in all contents and achieve a maximum score of 7/7. In which, building and improving the quality of the contingent of cadres, civil servants and public employees achieved 7/7.5 points. Administrative modernization reached 10.25/11 points, seeing an increase of 2.18 points as compared to the previous year. The provincial contents are well appreciated such as: Promulgating the e-Government Architecture; deploying, maintaining and updating the Architecture according to regulations; 100% of documents and work records are processed on the network environment; administrative procedures files solved online at level 3, level 4 reaches the rate of 25%, while the minimum requirement is 20%; the rate of administrative settlement results paid through the public postal service reaches 36.7%, while the minimum requirement is 20%...

It can be seen that PAR has a direct impact on the economy. In 2021, despite strongly affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, thanks to the synchronous implementation of the central resolutions and solutions to improve the business and investment environment, the operation of many businesses in the province has remained stable and achieved a decent growth rate; People's life is stable.

In addition to the achievements, the increasing of the quality of the province's Par Index still has such shortcomings and limitations as: The implementation of the provincial PAR plan has not yet reached 100% of the set tasks. The publicity of administrative procedures on the provincial portal and the portal pages of agencies and units has not been timely and complete. There are also units posting administrative procedures that have expired or have been modified or supplemented, causing difficulties for people and organizations when searching and implementing administrative procedures (The Department of Natural Resources and Environment). The update of administrative procedure settlement results on the electronic one-stop software provided by the province is not regular; at the commune-level People's Committee, the processing of administrative procedures files on the software is slow, leading to a high rate of overdue reports. The use of digital signatures in many units, especially the People's Committees of districts and communes, is still low.

In order to overcome the above shortcomings and limitations, and contribute to increasing the province's Par Index, in the coming time, sectors and localities need to seriously evaluate the implementation of PAR, review, analyze, correct and overcome shortcomings and limitations in the process of advising on performance, clearly define the responsibilities of each individual and organization in the implementation of assigned tasks, in which the leadership role of the Party committee and government is highlighted. To provide and take measures to propagate and promote the regular use of online public services at level 3, level 4 and public postal services by people and organizations in handling administrative procedures; review administrative procedures that do not generate records through online public services at level 3, level 4 for a long time. There must not be the situation that the application for administrative procedures is late; make a written apology for administrative procedures records that return results late to people and organizations. To continue to guide and inspect agencies and units in charge of receiving and handling comments, reflections and recommendations, it is necessary to arrange receiving forms to help people and organizations easily exploit information, promptly notify the results of handling comments, feedback and recommendations to ensure compliance with regulations. To strictly handle cases of cadres and civil servants causing difficulties for people and organizations. To review and arrange the organizational apparatus, improve the quality of operation, effectiveness and efficiency of administrative agencies, public non-business units; timely inspect and handle in order to properly arrange employment positions for civil servants and public employees according to the prescribed list. To accelerate the performance of administrative modernization and the use of software equipped by the province to promote the highest efficiency in directing and assigning work. To accelerate the construction and effective implementation of fundamental databases, serving the development of e-government and digital government.