Hung Yen promotes the consumption of orange and pomelo products

In the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, trade promotion activities for agricultural products, including oranges and pomelos, have been promoted to assist producers in finding markets and consuming products favorably...

Farmer in Dong Thanh commune (Kim Dong) harvests citrus fruit trees

Kim Dong district currently has over 700ha of oranges and pomelos of all kinds. This year, the output of oranges of the whole district is estimated to reach at 8,700 tons, pomelos at 5,800 tons. In order to support people to consume citrus fruit products during the complicated situation of the Covid-19 epidemic, the district has actively contacted and coordinated with functional sectors to synchronously conduct such solutions as: holding the products consumption connection conference; creating good conditions for cooperatives and gardeners to attend the conferences on promotion of agricultural products consumption held by the province; increasing products consumption through traders at wholesale markets inside and outside the province; coordinating with the Department of Industry and Trade to bring products into the system of supermarkets and safe stores; connecting with e-commerce platforms to bring oranges and pomelo to consumers the fastest with 3 criteria: Quality, food safety and epidemic prevention and control...

In recent years, Dong Thanh commune (Kim Dong) is a locality with a large area of ​​citrus fruit in the province. The whole commune has over 200ha of oranges and pomelos, of which 30ha of the Cooperative producing vegetables, fruits and commercial services in Dong Thanh commune are certified to meet VietGAP standards. Farmers in the commune start the harvest from the end of October and last until the Lunar New Year. Mr. Luong Van Tuoi, the owner of a garden of oranges and pomelos grown according to VietGAP standards in Thanh Sam village said: “My family grows 2 acres of Hung Yen oranges, sugar oranges and Dien pomelos. Although the orange is harvested at the end of November, from the beginning of the season, we have connected with partners, traders... to find output for products. Especially, this year, with the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, the district and functional sectors have actively supported farmers to add sales channels on the e-commerce platform. Hopefully the sale will be favorable and the price will be as good as that in previous years."

Tan Dan commune (Khoai Chau) currently has over 80ha of oranges and pomelos, of which nearly 30ha has been certified to meet VietGAP standards. Mr. Nguyen Huu Ha, Director of Phu Quy Agricultural Products Cooperative, Bai Say 1 village said: “The cooperative currently has 13.5ha of oranges and pomelos of all kinds. In this season, it is supposed to harvest 80 tons of oranges and 20 tons of green grapefruit. At this time, Hung Yen oranges have begun to be harvested, the selling price is currently at 20,000 VND/kg; green grapefruit at 30,000 VND/kg. To ensure favorable consumption of orange and pomelo products, we have contacted the partners to put the products on sale at a number of safe stores chain inside and outside the province. In particular, unlike every year, this year we also retail products through social networking sites such as Facebook, Zalo. When customers order online, we will harvest, pack the products, then ship them to the required address…”.

Over the years, in order to support farmers to produce safe fruit products and meet the market's requirements, the province has supported the building of trademarks, collective marks, and issuance of planting area codes for groups of fruit trees in general, including citrus fruit trees... Along with that, every year, the province focuses on promoting the consumption of citrus fruit products, contributing to finding stable output for these products. In 2020, the province has organized many events to promote, introduce and boost the consumption of Hung Yen oranges such as: Hung Yen Orange Market held in Ecopark urban area (Van Giang); cultural exchange events, tourism introduction and promotion - Oranges and agricultural products of Hung Yen province at the pedestrian street in Hanoi; Week of Hung Yen oranges - agricultural products at MM Mega Market Ha Dong Supermarket (Hanoi); Hung Yen Orange and Agricultural Products Week in Hanoi 2020. In addition, functional sectors also support cooperatives and growers to participate in many agricultural trade promotion events organized by ministries and central branches and coordinate to participate in fairs and exhibitions of agricultural products in provinces and cities throughout the country.

According to the Agriculture and Rural Development Department, in 2021, the whole province has over 4.2 thousand ha of citrus fruit trees (of which, there are over 1,000 ha of citrus trees produced under VietGAP process); production is about 65 thousand tons, mainly Hung Yen oranges, V2 oranges, sugar oranges, green grapefruit, Hoang Trach pomelos... This year, the Covid-19 epidemic occurred in many localities throughout the country, which affects the production, purchasing, transportation and consumption of agricultural products, including oranges and pomelos... According to the information from the Department of Industry and Trade, in order for this year's orange and pomelo season to be harvested conveniently and effectively, the Department actively implements solutions to promote product consumption for farmers. According to the plan, many activities to promote orange consumption will be held such as: Hung Yen orange market in Ecopark urban area (Van Giang), Week of oranges and typical agricultural products of Hung Yen province in 2021 in Hanoi. .. Along with that, the department promotes the consumption of agricultural products through the e-commerce platform; maintains sales channels through a chain of safe stores and supermarkets; creates a supply-demand connection among businesses and cooperatives, gardeners... Thereby in order to strengthen the promotion so that the consumption of orange and pomelo products by farmers in the province is more favorable.