The Directive on the implementation of urgent measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic in the province

On 09/02/2021, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee signed the Directive No. 06 / CT-CTUBND on the implementation of urgent measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic in the province.

Accordingly, on February 8, 2021, there is a positive case in Tu Ho village, Yen Phu commune, Yen My district (the patient No. 2060). The Provincial People's Committee has directed the immediate performance of measures to prevent and control the epidemic to the above case; tracked 51 F1 cases; disinfected at risk sites; rapidly tested F1 cases and found out 02 more positive cases (the patients No. 2062 and No. 2063), who are relatives of the patient No.  2060.

In order to quickly trace, isolate, test all at-risk subjects and promptly control the epidemic, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee requests heads of departments, agencies, branches and mass organizations of the province and localities; heads of units, businesses, urban areas, people's markets (hereinafter referred to as agencies, units) ... and the entire people in the province to carry out the following contents:

- To continue to strictly and drastically perform the instructions of the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee, the Government, the Prime Minister; the direction and guidance of the Ministry of Health and the province on the epidemic prevention and control; well implement the spirit of "anti-epidemic like anti-enemy" with the highest level of vigilance, absolutely not neglect, be subjective and perform the motto "4 on the spot".

To strictly comply with the requirement of 5K ("Khau trang" (face mask) - "Khu khuan" (disinfection) - "Khoang cach" (distance) - "Khong tu tap" (no gathering) - "Khai bao y te" (health declaration) under the guidance of the Ministry of Health. Heads of agencies and units have stepped up directing the implementation of the 5K request, first of all is wearing a mask, not gathering large numbers of people, strictly handling violations.

- From 0.00 a.m on February 10, 2021:

+ To implement the social gap according to the Directive No. 16 / CT-TTg dated 31/3/2020 of the Prime Minister for Yen My and Khoai Chau districts according to the principle of family separation; hamlets, quarters, communes and towns isolated from others; people are asked to stay at home, minimize going out, except for really necessary cases.

+ To blockade the whole Yen Phu commune.

- To assign Yen My district’s People's Committee and Khoai Chau district’s People's Committee to preside and coordinate with relevant units:

+ To direct Yen My District’s Steering Committee for epidemic prevention and control to establish a blockade area according to the content of the Notice No. 15 / TB-UBND dated 03/02/ 2021 of the Provincial People's Committee.

+ To set up a post for social isolation, blockade areas in Yen My and Khoai Chau districts; direct the provision of necessary supplies, equipment and essentials for people in the blocked-off area and the socially isolated area.

+ To continue to urgently review and verify F1, F2, F3 cases of the patients No. 2060, No. 2062 and No. 2063; people going to at risk locations: Yen Phu commune, Yen My commune; Dong Tao farm, Cao Nen hamlet, Dong Tao commune, Thiet Tru residential cluster, Binh Minh commune, Thien An clinic, Khoai Chau town, Khoai Chau district; Van Giang kumquat market and other related places are recommended by local authorities / health agencies to voluntarily make medical declaration, self-monitor health, limit contact with other people, seriously implement measures to prevent and control the epidemic according to regulations.

+ To immediately carry out the disinfection and decontamination at all the above-mentioned places and places at risk.

+ To coordinate with the Department of Health, the Center for Disease Control of the province to take sampling tests for all F1 and F2 cases according to the guidance of the Ministry of Health.

- The People's Committees of districts, towns and city: To preside over and coordinate with Provincial Police, Department of Health, relevant agencies and units to urgently review and verify F1, F2, F3 cases in their management areas with the patients No. 2060, No. 2062 and No. 2063; take measures to prevent and combat the epidemic according to regulations; review and direct the People's Committees of communes, wards and towns to review and immediately complete plans to respond to the epidemic situations with full contents: The location of traffic control blocking positions to encircle, localize; the household monitoring list (demographic); the plan to ensure logistics, medical supplies, equipment and human resources under the motto "4 on-the-spot"; proactively prepare conditions for implementation of social distance when required.

- Agencies and units: To mobilize to minimize travel and visit before, during and after the Lunar New Year; mobilize and encourage businesses, production and business establishments in the area to make their employees work in place on Tet holiday…; review and prepare all necessary resources (human, materials, biologicals, tools, facilities, including field hospitals) ready for the epidemic situations, including the worst possible scenario; arrange people to be on duty to prevent and fight against the epidemic and mobilize when necessary.

In addition, the Provincial People's Committee’s Directive assigns tasks in the epidemic prevention and control to a number of departments, branches and units.

Source: Duy Tung