The teleconference of the Ministry of Planning and Investment to assess the performance of the 5-year tasks in 2016-2020 and implementation of key tasks in 2021

On the afternoon of January 8, the Ministry of Planning and Investment held a nationwide teleconference to evaluate the performance of the 5-year tasks in 2016-2020 and implementation of key tasks in 2021. The Minister of Planning and Investment Nguyen Chi Dung chaired the conference. At the Hung Yen provincial destination, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee Tran Quoc Van attended and chaired the conference. In the participation were leaders of related departments and branches.

At the conference

According to the report on the performance of the main tasks of the Ministry of Planning and Investment in the 2016-2020 period and the tasks in 2021, the Ministry has advised the Government to issue a number of resolutions, directives and schemes, urgent tasks and solutions to remove difficulties for businesses, promote disbursement of public investment capital as well as stabilize people's lives. The completion of a number of legal frameworks related to investment attraction, mobilization and use of ODA capital, in addition to improving business environment, has contributed to promoting start-ups, mobilizing integrated resources, and encouraging innovation as well as taking advantage of opportunities of the 4th Industrial Revolution for the socio-economic development.

Regarding the tasks in 2021, the Ministry of Planning and Investment will focus on synchronously performing the tasks and solutions set out in the Resolutions of the Central Executive Party Committee, the National Assembly and the Government, especially the Resolution No. 01. / NQ-CP dated 01/01/2021 of the Government; effectively coordinating with relevant agencies in carrying out programs and working plans for the organization of the 13th National Party Congress and the election of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and the People's Council at all levels, in the period of 2021 - 2026; completing reports on the socio-economic development plans, the medium-term public investment plan for the period of 2021 - 2025 and other important reports, submitting them to the Government then to the National Assembly; continuing to flexibly and effectively performing the "Dual goal" as both preventing and fighting the epidemic, recovering and developing the socio-economic situation in a new normal status; closely coordinating with other agencies in the effective administration of fiscal, monetary and other policies; coordinating and implementing well solutions to promote restructuring the transport services, improving capacity and reducing logistics service costs; boosting the effective performance of signed Free Trade Agreements (FTAs)...

Speaking at the conference, Minister Nguyen Chi Dung suggested the units under the Ministry of Planning and Investment and localities need to renew their thinking, change their approach in a positive direction and timely catching up; change the management mindset from mainly controlling, allowing (pre-control) to mainly serving to promote development (post-control). It is necessary to continue promoting economic restructuring associated with growth model innovation, on the basis of science - technology, innovation, improving productivity, quality, efficiency, autonomy and competition of the economy. To improve the business and investment environment and support businesses. To speed up the construction and approval process of planning; increase mobilization and effective use of resources; the development of the economy in the sea and big cities; strengthen regional links; build new countryside. Investment should be focused on building key projects, especially transport infrastructure and energy, creating great spillovers, improving the competitiveness of the economy; raising the quality and effectively using human resources associated with boosting innovation, strong application and development of science - technology./.

Source: Ngoc Hung