The Directive on strengthening measures to ensure a happy, healthy, safe and economical Lunar New Year 2021

On 28/12/2020, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee signed to issue the Directive No. 24 / CT-CTUBND on strengthening measures to ensure a happy, healthy, safe and economical Lunar New Year 2021.

Accordingly, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee requests the heads of provincial departments, agencies and branches; Chairmen of the People's Committees of districts, towns, city and agencies and units in the province to focus on performing some of the following main tasks and solutions:

The Department of Industry and Trade presides over and coordinates with relevant agencies: To carry out synchronous solutions to strongly promote the market, appropriately and effectively stimulate consumer demand; proactively make a plan to prepare the supply of essential goods, ensure product quality to fully and promptly meet the needs of the people, prevent the shortage of goods and the interruption of the source of goods, which leads to increase the price suddenly at the end of the year and the Lunar New Year or in the case of an epidemic outbreak. To coordinate in the performance of market stabilization programs, supply-demand matching activities, the program of bringing Vietnamese goods to the countryside; bringing rural goods to cities, boosting the consumption of agricultural products for farmers. To ensure a sufficient reserve of petroleum supply for the market at the end of the year and the Lunar New Year.

The Department of Finance presides over and coordinates with related agencies: To closely monitor price and market developments, especially essential goods and services, goods subject to price stabilization; promptly and strictly handle the violations of the law on prices; report to the Provincial People's Committee on the issues that arise and affect the price level and economic stability in the province; strictly control state budget revenues and expenditures, public debts and assets.

The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development presides over and coordinates with relevant agencies: To actively monitor weather and natural disasters; make a plan to prevent and control natural disasters and epidemics of plants and animals to ensure production stability, especially prevention and control of epidemics for plants and animals in localities affected by natural disasters; promptly respond to severe cold, damaging cold, drought; timely support plant varieties, domestic animals, vaccines, antiseptic chemicals and plant protection drugs according to local regulations to quickly restore production, ensure environmental sanitation and stabilize life for the people. To review and make a specific plan to ensure the balance of supply and demand of food products, especially pork and pork products before, during and after Tet holiday, avoid the shortage of goods and price fever; make scenarios and solutions to stabilize prices, supply and demand of essential agricultural products and foodstuffs by the end of 2020 and early 2021. To closely monitor production and disease developments in order to timely make plans to ensure supply, stabilize the market, especially not let African swine fever outbreak again. To strengthen inspection of irrigational works, river dykes; timely give response solutions when an incident occurs; make a plan to ensure water resources for planting winter-spring crop.

The Department of Health presides over and coordinates with relevant agencies: To strengthen prevention and control of epidemics, especially Covid-19 pandemic and diseases in the risk of outbreaks in winter-spring. To strictly comply with the directions and regulations on epidemic prevention and control, ensure absolute safety of festival activities, gather a large number of people, make plans and scenarios to meet epidemic prevention and control, perform the motto 4 in place when an epidemic occurs. To proactively monitor, detect pathogens and promptly handle emerging epidemics, prevent epidemics from breaking out and spreading. To update treatment regimens, drugs reserve, medical supplies and equipment ready to receive and treat Covid-19 infected patients. To review and closely check the negative certificate of SARS-CoV-2 for all cases of experts, overseas students, overseas Vietnamese returning home. To strengthen inspection and examination to ensure food safety in the period before, during and after Tet holiday; coordinate to effectively organize interdisciplinary inspection, especially in food production and trading establishments; promptly detect and strictly handle violations, and publish the results on the mass media. To well organize the medical examination and treatment, direct hospitals and medical facilities to be on duty 24/24 hours; reserve sufficient quantities of drugs, blood, infusion fluids, medical supplies, equipment, chemicals and means to meet the medical examination and treatment needs, especially to promptly handle traffic accident emergencies, injury, poisoning ... To maintain and strictly implement the processes of screening, classifying, and diversifying; ensure infection control in the hospital, absolutely prevent cross-infection in the hospital; continue to expand testing for suspected subjects; strengthen inspection and supervision of the implementation of Covid-19 prevention and control in hospitals; intensify inspection and examination of drug trading establishments, promptly and strictly detect and handle violations, especially violations of the quality of drugs, counterfeit drugs and the ones not permitted for circulation.

In addition, the Directive also specifies the duties of the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs; Department of Transport; Provincial Police; Provincial Military Command; Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism; State Bank of Vietnam branch in Hung Yen province; Department of Information and Communications; Hung Yen Radio and Television Station; Hung Yen Market Management Department; Hung Yen Power Company; the People's Committees of districts, towns and city.

Source: Dao Thi Luyen