The Telegram of the People's Committee of Hung Yen province on ensuring traffic order and safety associated with the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic on the occasion of the New Year, Tan Suu Lunar New Year and the Spring Festival 2021

On 8/12/2020, the People's Committee of the province just issued the Telegram No. 3224 / CD-UBND on ensuring traffic order and safety in association with the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control during the New Year, Tan Suu Lunar New Year and the Spring Festival 2021.

Accordingly, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Head of the Provincial Traffic Safety Board requested the heads of the provincial departments, agencies, sectors and unions; Chairmen of the People's Committees of districts, city and towns to focus on drastically performing the following tasks:

  - The Provincial police: To promulgate plan to ensure traffic order and safety on the occasion of the New Year, Tan Suu Lunar New Year and the Spring Festival 2021; direct the traffic police force of the whole province and other functional forces to strengthen patrolling, checking and organizing regular patrols to guide traffic in key locations, at the same time ensure absolute safety against the Covid-19 epidemic for the forces on duty and people. To focus on strict punishment at the highest level on such violations as: Speeding; violation of alcohol concentration; illegal racing, gathering to disrupt public order; not wearing a helmet when riding a motorbike or motorcycle; using mobile phones while operating motor vehicles; overloading; stopping at the wrong place; going through crossroads; carrying beyond the safe mark, the vehicle is not registered, not guarantee technical safety, not equipped with life-saving devices, without driving license, professional qualifications and certificates. To timely prevent transportation of firecrackers, explosives, enhance order and safety in the area of ​​the Spring Festival 2021 in the province. To distribute the forces to regularly patrol and control on key roads of the province (The National Highways No. 5, No. 39, No. 38, the provincial roads No. 386, No. 376, No. 379, No. 380, No. 385, the road connecting two highways...), the complicated areas with high risk of traffic accidents, the places with high traffic density. To make a plan ready to promptly relieve and rescue when a traffic incident occurs; not let traffic jams, pay attention to the toll booth areas.

 - The Department of Transport: To develop a plan to ensure the passengers transportation during Tet holiday; direct the traffic inspectors to patrol and control according to their functions on arterial roads, complicated areas and river-cross wharves; inspect and handle violations according to its competence with regard to violations on transport and vehicles' safety conditions; strengthen inspection on traffic safety at bus stations and wharves across the river. To require transport business units to strictly comply with the law on business and transport business conditions, strictly obey the regulations and directions on the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control, give an appropriate plan on transport to meet the travel needs of people. To inspect the safety conditions of traffic infrastructure works; promptly overcome the damaged sections; check signs, paint lines and traffic safety warning equipment; the sections under construction must ensure safety for people to participate in traffic during the holiday.

In addition, the Telegram also clearly stated the tasks of ensuring traffic order and safety associated with the prevention and fighting against Covid-19 epidemic for the Radio and Television, Hung Yen Newspaper; Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of the province and socio-political organizations; the Department of Health; the People's Committees of districts, towns and city.

Source: Dao Thi Luyen