The Telegram of the People's Committee of Hung Yen province on the implementation of measures to prevent and fight against Covid-19

On 3/12/2020, the People's Committee of the province issued the Telegram No. 3201 / CD-CTUBND on the implementation of measures to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic.

Accordingly, in order to firmly maintain the achievements in the epidemic prevention and control, create a basis for promoting economic recovery and development and protect people's health, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee requests the heads of departments, agencies, branches, mass organizations of the province, localities; the heads of an agencies, units, organizations or enterprises; managers of urban areas, monuments, supermarkets, restaurants, people's markets ... and the entire People to perform the following contents:

- To continue to thoroughly and drastically carry out the instructions of the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee, the Government, the Telegram No. 1699 / CD-TTg dated December 2, 2020 and Official Letter No. 1666 / TTg-KGVX dated 26/11/2020 of the Prime Minister; the direction and guidance of the Ministry of Health, concerned ministries and branches; the direction of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People's Committee and the  Provincial Steering Committee on epidemic prevention and control. To strengthen vigilance against the risk of epidemic; drastically, synchronously and effectively perform the proposed epidemic prevention and control measures, strictly control the source of transmission from the outside, zone off the epidemic thoroughly with a reasonable scale, test right at the necessary extent, give effective treatment. To uphold the responsibility of the leader, calmly respond to all epidemic situations, prevent the epidemic from spreading or breaking out in the province.

- Departments: Information and Communication, Health; Hung Yen Newspaper, Hung Yen Radio and Television and the radio system at grassroots continue to promote communication, instruct people to be alert and strictly carry out the epidemic prevention and control: Wear masks and do hygiene and disinfection, keep distance, not gather people when not necessary, do voluntarily medical declaration at Ncovi application (the 5K message), install and use Bluezone tracing application; at the same time, preventing negative and fabricated information from causing confusion among the people.

- To complete the epidemic prevention plan, consolidate the apparatus, ensure human resources and logistics.

- To seriously perform the epidemic prevention and control measures:

+ Every citizen wears masks regularly in public places, especially at medical establishments, markets, shops, supermarkets, shopping centers, factories, bus stations, on public vehicles...; washes hands often with soap or an antiseptic solution; restricts crowds of people in public places if not necessary; keeps a safe distance from contact; does health declaration; installs and uses Bluezone application;

+ Medical establishments, accommodation establishments, schools, industrial parks, markets, supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, karaoke bars, ... seriously implement preventive measures: To fully equip with masks, hand sanitizer, antiseptic solution, arrange to keep contact distance, environmental sanitation, spray periodic disinfection...; take measures to ensure safety for the elderly and people with background diseases;

+ Medical establishments, schools, accommodation establishments, factories, enterprises ... self-review and evaluate the implementation of requirements and guidance on epidemic prevention and control and publicize the results of self-assessment above Covid-19 anti-epidemic map system under the guidance of the Ministry of Health;

+ To continue to stop activities and events gathering people when not needed; in cases of organization, they must strictly carry out epidemic prevention and control measures such as wearing masks and sanitizing... strictly according to regulations. All levels, branches and localities, when organizing events and activities in contact with people coming from abroad, especially from high-risk countries, must consult with health authorities.

- On the management of entry and centralized isolation: Provincial police presides over and coordinates with the People's Committees of districts, towns and city to continue to manage entried people in isolation, staying and working in the province; promptly detect objects that have entered illegally or incorrectly; strictly handle violations according to regulations. The People's Committees of districts and communes regularly monitor the performance of epidemic prevention measures in concentrated isolation facilities, accommodation facilities / hotels; not let the person who is not responsible enter the quarantine area and ask the isolated person to comply with the quarantine regulations (regularly wear a mask and not in close contact with surrounding people ...) ; strictly manage immigration cases, short-term work (less than 14 days) and patients are cured, people completing concentrated isolation and going to the locality.

Source: Dao Thi Luyen