BUI NGOC QUY (1796 - 1861)

Bui Ngoc Quy, later changed as Bui Quy is from Hai Thien commune, Tien Lu district (now in Hai Trieu commune, Tien Lu district). He passed the bachelors degree in 1828, the next year he passed the doctorate. He held a lot of mandarin positions in the court.

He was well-known for his literary works. He went to many places in the country, and made a lot of poems, which were gathered in the following books: Huu Truc thi tap, Yen Dai anh thoai and Hai Phai thi van tap. When he was sent as King’s envoy, he made Su trinh anh thoai khuc, Yen hanh khuc and Yen hanh tong tac. He was upright and straightforward, he had close relationship with Truong Quoc Dung, Tran Huy Phuc and Ho Vinh Trinh, who were famous artists. He suggested to Tu Duc king about the compilation of two books: Dai nam nhat thong chi and Dai nam phong nha thong bien. This recommendation was made in 1849, the works started in 1865 and completed in 1882.

Bui Ngoc Quy also collaborated with Nguyen Van Sieu to compile Dai Viet dia du toan bien.

He was also known as honest, always defended the poor and suppressed the court officials, who were flattering, harassing and oppressive, so he was trusted by people. Many anecdotes about him were handed down in folk.


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