DAO CONG SOAN (1376 - 1456)

By the end of 1425, the war against the Minh invaders and the national liberation went into a decisive and strategic phase. The Lam Son insurgent’s headquarters went to the North and was located at Bo De Palace (Phu Huu hamlet, Gia Lam). At this time the Minh enemy commanded by Vuong Thong refused to surrender, he entrenched in Dong Quan citadel, looking forward to the rescue troops. The national affairs were busy, needing talents to timely serve the country's liberation from the center to localities. Le Loi had taken many measures to recruit talents, including the examination in Bo De palace. Dao Cong Soan, from Thien Phien village, Tien Lu district that year was nearly 50 years old applied in this special exam. He was in the top of 30 people passing the test. In 1429, Dao Cong Soan was one of those sent to the Ming Dynasty for the first time and completed his national mission. In 1436, he held the position of Minister of the Ceremonies and took the mission to go to China for the second time. In 1444, he went to the Ming Dynasty for the third time. At the age of 70, he still completed the task. In 1456, he went to Thai Nguyen to solve the problem of the border.

He was brave and resourceful to fully accomplish the missions. He was a famous celebrity of Le dynasty and credited by Le Loi and the court. He stood on Nguyen Trai's side against Luong Dang. His son - Dao Dung, his nephew - Dao Nghiem, Dao Pham were all talented.

At present in Thien Phien, Tien Lu district, there is temple with parallel sentences and letters to honor his merit and talent.

Tang Ba Hoanh - Hung Yen celebrities in December, 2006