MUA QUEEN (1580 - 1648)

According to the genealogy, Mua Queen has the real name of Tran Thi Cu, born in Mua village (Cong Vu hamlet), Vu Xa commune, Kim Dong district today.

Mua Queen's Temple

She was born on May 5, 1580 in a middle-class family. One day, she cut grass on the road, singing. At that time, Trinh Lord - Trinh Trang and his troops were on the way, hearing her singing. Seeing her as a neat and beautiful girl with the ability of response, he took her with him and renamed her as Tran Thi Ngoc Am. She helped him to supervise the work of his palace and the study of women in the palace, consolidate the unity in the palace and between the palace and the Le dynasty. Her affection and deeds made the Lord admire so he changed her last name from Tran to Trinh "Trinh Thi Ngoc Am".

Living in the palace, she gave birth to a girl, named Trinh Thi Minh and right after her birth, she was given four golden plates and a silver one by the Lord (in 1963, the above artifacts were found in the Cuu An River).

Unfortunately, the princess died of disease. Mua Queen was grievous and returned her home in Mua village. Trinh Lord felt the loss and cleared the river branch through Mua village to carry materials to build temples. The works took three years to complete.

With her merit and virtue, Trinh Lord built her temple and statue while she was still alive.

It is said that when living in the Lord’s palace, every year she often visited the hometown and helped the poor, repaired temples. At the age of 40, she moved to the countryside, she helped people to clear the river and expand the cultivated area.

She passed away on January 5, 1648 (according to the lunar calendar). Since then, on that day, the local people held a memorial anniversary to Mua Queen.

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