GIAP TRUNG (1507 - 1586)

Giap Trung is also known as Giap Hai, his father’s homeland was in Bat Trang village (Gia Lam - Hanoi) but his father died soon so he returned to his mother’s village in Cong Luan, Te Giang district (now Van Giang town, Van Giang district).

Because his family was poor, he was adopted by a man from Dinh Ke village, Phuong Nhon district (Bac Giang province). Giap Trung was very smart and good at studying. At the age of 23, he was appointed as the First Doctoral Candidate.

Giap Trung was an excellent politician and diplomat. The Minh dynasty sent the envoy to our country to give the requirements. He was sent to Nam Quan to deal with them and he responded flexibly, protected the national honor and preserved the border.

He was appointed as the high-level mandarin in the court.

Giap Trung was full of kindness and many times dared to advise correct things to the king. On one occasion, he proposed the king to carry out the policies of correcting the government, improving the lives of the poor, punishing the embezzled mandarins and attaching importance to the solidarity of people.

At his old ages, he kept applying for retirement.

In 1585, he retired and died in1586, at the age of 80.

He had literary talent and good at the foreign affairs.  

Ung dap bang giao is a work on the diplomatic history of our country.

His works include:

- Ung dap bang giao

- Cong du tiep ky.

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