PHAN VAN AI (1850 - 1898)

Phan Văn Ai, with the real name of Phan Van Tam, the nickname of Dong Giang, Chuyet Phu, lived in Dong Tinh village, Van Giang district (now Nghia Tru commune, Van Giang district). He was smart and good at studying. In 1880, he passed the exam and was appointed as the mandarin of Huong Tra district, Quang Dien district, then the Prefect of Ly Nhan, Son Tay. Later, he retired.

Phan Van Ai is famous for being straightforward and upright. He even handled the violation of the law of the king's uncle.

Phan Van Ai is well known for his literary work, contributing to the development of Vietnamese literature in the late half of the nineteenth century. He worked as a manager of a newspaper and a talented translator. His translation version of Ty ba hanh of Bach Cu Di was successful.

His main works are Dong Giang At tien si Phan Tuong cong tac cao, Dong Giang pho bang Phan Cong Van Ai thi tap and Phuong Minh thi tap.

He died in 1898, at the age of 49.

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