DUONG PHUC TU (1505 - 1563)

Duong Phuc Tu was born in 1505, in Lac Dao commune, Gia Lam district (now Lac Dao commune, Van Lam district). His father was Duong Phuc Hung, who passed the bachelor's degree and was appointed as the Academician. Duong Phuc Tu, who was smart and studious, but lived in the context of the Mac dynasty taking over the Le dynasty, so he hesitated about his taking exam. Until he was over 40 years old, he took the exam. In the Mac Phuc Nguyen dynasty, he passed the First Doctoral Candidate. He was appointed as a high-level mandarin involved in the important things in the court in the Mac dynasty and after that maintained the same position in the Le dynasty. For a time, he retired to go home and taught many successful students, including the First Doctoral Candidate Pham Tran. He died in 1563, at the age of 59.

His descendants later migrated to settle in many places and they were all prosperous and successful. For example, Duong Cong Thien in Vinh Mo commune, Son Tay, now belonging to Tam Nong district, Phu Tho, passed the bachelor's degree and opened a school to train many talented people in the country. In Duong Xa commune, Gia Lam district, there were Duong Don and Duong Hieu, who were appointed as the Doctorate and worked as the mandarins in the same court. Two brothers of Duong Su and Duong Khiem were also appointed as the Doctorate…

Duong Phuc Tu composed many poems written in Chinese characters. His character and image are reflected in literature as honest, tolerant and generous. His poetry praises the people who teach people to do the farming, the resourceful women and the mercy kings.


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