To actively implement key projects

Published on 03 - 09 - 2023

Recently, departments, branches and localities of the province have closely coordinated with consulting units to speed up steps in the investment process and carry out solutions to overcome difficulties for key projects of the province implemented on schedule. Up to now, many important works and projects that play a driving role in promoting the comprehensive socio-economic development of the province have been urgently completed, contributing to the successful completion of the plans and goals that have been proposed by the province.

Construction of the road next to the road connecting Hanoi - Hai Phong expressway with Gie bridge - Ninh Binh expressway

In 2023, there have been many key works and projects that heve been implemented in the province such as: the Project to upgrade and expand the extended Hanoi - Hung Yen interprovincial road, the section through the province; the investment project on construction of the Ring Road No. 4 - Hanoi capital region; the investment project to build a road connecting Hanoi - Hai Phong expressway with Gie bridge - Ninh Binh expressway phase 2... In which, the project to upgrade and expand the extended Hanoi - Hung Yen interprovincial road, the section passing through the province is invested by the Provincial Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Board and started construction from December 2021. This is a group-A project, with a road surface width of 21m and 4 motor vehicle lanes, 2 rudimentary vehicle lanes, with a total length of 33.5km. The project has a total investment of nearly 2.9 trillion VND. With the determination to complete the route ahead of schedule, contributing to attracting investment and creating momentum for socio-economic development, the province has been focusing resources on this key project. To date, the investor has coordinated with districts and towns to hand over construction sites to contractors for over 28km. Comrade Nguyen Ngoc Son, Director of the Provincial Traffic Construction Investment Project Management Board, said: To speed up project implementation progress, in recent times, the board has proactively coordinated closely with other localities in propaganda, mobilization and implementation of site clearance; mobilized resource to remove obstacles to speed up site clearance and soon hand over cleared site to the construction unit. Along with that, regularly organize field briefings and urge contractors to focus on mobilizing resources to carry out bidding packages, ensuring the set progress requirements. During the construction process, inspection and supervision are carried out regularly to promptly detect errors and correct contractors, ensuring that the construction works comply with the design and meet technical standards. The Board also regularly inspects and corrects contractors to fully comply with legal requirements on occupational safety and hygiene during the construction process.

Currently, many industrial park and cluster projects are speeding up their investment in infrastructure construction, such as: the investment project on infrastructure construction and business of the Clean Industrial Park; the investment project on infrastructure construction and business of the Industrial Park No. 05; the Pham Ngu Lao - Nghia Dan Industrial Complex Project... These are key projects that the province is determined to implement soon to create a breakthrough in attracting investment, contributing to realizing the goal of turning Hung Yen into a modernly industrial province. With the efforts of the entire political system, the investment in infrastructure construction in industrial zones and clusters of the province has achieved a lot of positive results.

The site clearance work is considered the most difficult step in the project implementation process, but thanks to changes in leadership and direction methods, the drastic participation of Party committees, authorities and even political system, many key projects of the province have changed positively. Along with reviewing and consolidating the organizational apparatus to carry out land clearance work at the district level, localities have coordinated with investors to mobilize forces to organize propaganda and mobilize people; accelerate the progress of counting, handing over premises, prioritizing resource allocation, and paying for subjects, thanks to which, the land clearance in areas has made many progress compared to previous times, creating consensus from the People to hand over the premises to investors.

The province's key projects in recent times have been implemented with the highest determination, consensus and responsibility of all levels, sectors, localities and people. Following the initial success and overcoming difficulties and obstacles, the province has continued to plan and invest in the construction of many key strategic and important projects with the vision of building Hung Yen into a centrally-run city. In the first 7 months of 2023, the total investment capital implemented from the state budget managed by localities is estimated to reach more than 5 trillion VND, seeing an increase of 72.9% over the same period last year and reaching 42.3% of the yearly plan. Investment capital from the state budget focuses mainly on key projects that the province is implementing with large investment levels, construction progress, disbursement and payment work is being accelerated.

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