To get rich from drying longans

Published on 11 - 09 - 2023

With the idea of starting a business from hometown's specialties, contributing to making longans get far in the market, Ms. Le Thi Thuy's family in Tat Vien village, Thu Sy commune (Tien Lu) has learned and developed a model of drying longans. Up to now, her family is not only a famous large longans drying facility in the commune but also creates jobs for many local workers.

Longans drying model of Ms. Le Thi Thuy's family, Thu Sy commune (Tien Lu)

In 2003, despite having experienced many jobs, the family's economic situation was still difficult, Thuy and her husband have researched and learned the process of processing longans by using a drying oven from farmers in Hong Nam commune (Hung Yen city) and Son La province. After a period of research, with accumulated and borrowed capital, her family boldly invested about 50 million VND to make a longan drying oven and necessary equipment to do the job. Initially, her family mainly bought fresh longans from people in the commune and some neighboring localities to dry longans and only dried longans during the harvest season. Due to the lack of production experience, the quality of her family's dried longan is not good, the price is not high, and it is difficult to sell. She and her husband were not discouraged and continued to learn experience from large longans drying facilities in the province and searched for more information on internet websites. Thanks to that, her family gradually succeeded. From the profits earned, her family continued to expand production. To be proactive and ensure raw material sources, in 2016, her family invested in buying a large truck to transport longans. Up to now, her family has four longans drying ovens. Thanks to finding out the raw materials, from drying longan according to the season, up to now, her family's longan drying oven "burns red" all year round. On average, each month, her family purchases about 100 tons of fresh longan fruit to dry. With an average selling price of 110,000 VND to 140,000 VND/kg of longan, her family earns nearly 400 million VND/year.

Not only does she get rich, but now her family also creates jobs for nearly 100 workers inside and outside the commune with an average income of 4 million VND/person/month.

Sharing about her success, Ms. Le Thi Thuy said: Currently, my family not only dries longans to sell to traders but also associates with a number of establishments and companies to dry longans according to orders. Thanks to mastering techniques and my own experience, my family's longan products are trusted and ordered by customers. In the future, I am going to continue expanding production.

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