The Oficial letter on rectifying, strengthening responsibility and improving efficiency of administrative procedure reform, promptly removing obstacles and difficulties for people and businesses

Published on 14 - 07 - 2023

On 13/7/2023, the Prime Minister issued the Official Letter No. 644/CD-TTg on rectifying, strengthening responsibility and improving the efficiency of administrative procedure reform, promptly removing obstacles and difficulties for people and businesses.

Accordingly, the Prime Minister requests ministers, heads of ministerial-level agencies, government-attached agencies, and Chairmen of the People's Committees of provinces and centrally-run cities within their assigned functions and tasks, to focus on synchronously, effectively and drastically implementing the following specific tasks:

- To strictly conduct impact assessment, commenting, appraisal and verification of administrative procedures in the request for law/ordinance project formulation; draft legal documents, resolutely only promulgate and maintain administrative procedures that are really necessary, with low compliance costs.

- To timely, fully and accurately announce and publicize administrative procedures on the National Database of Administrative Procedures so that cadres, civil servants, people and businesses know, implement and monitor the performance. Monthly, complete statistics on administrative procedures that are newly issued, amended, supplemented or abolished in order to strictly control the issuance and implementation of administrative procedures.

- To innovate the implementation of administrative procedures according to the one-stop-shop mechanism and in the electronic environment; carry out the digitization of records, results of administrative procedures and connect and share data between information systems, national databases, specialized databases, the National Public Service Portal in handling administrative procedures.

- To restructure the process of administrative procedures and public services that have been integrated on the National Public Service Portal and the Information System for handling administrative procedures at ministerial and provincial levels to further simplify the processes, procedures and papers of citizens according to their competence and submitted to competent authorities for consideration and decision to ensure their substance and effectiveness; completed in September 2023.

- To review and remove immediately according to their competence the administrative procedures that are barriers to production and business activities and people's lives. At the same time, urgently issuing documents according to their competence or submitting to the Government and the Prime Minister for promulgation of documents to implement 797 administrative procedures, citizenship papers, 627 regulations related to business activities and 445 administrative procedures that must be decentralized according to the decisions of the Government or the Prime Minister; completed in September 2023.

- To thoroughly and definitively handle the reflections and recommendations of people and businesses on administrative mechanisms, policies and procedures, in order to respond to policies in a timely manner to the requirements of real life. In the immediate future, ministries and ministerial-level agencies focus on definitively handling 396 complaints and recommendations in Section IX of the Resolution No. 97/NQ-CP dated July 8, 2023 of the Government.

- To effectively implement the Plan to review and simplify internal administrative procedures in the state administrative system for the period of 2022-2025, ensuring the goal of reducing and simplifying at least 20% of internal administrative procedures and cut compliance costs by at least 20%.

- To ensure resources for the reform of administrative procedures, focus on selecting good cadres and civil servants, meeting the requirements of working in specialized agencies on the secondment or conscription at the administrative procedures control unit to perform the tasks assigned by the Government or the Prime Minister.

In addition, the Prime Minister assigned specific tasks to the ministries: Industry and Trade, Transport, Planning and Investment, Home Affairs, Finance, Natural Resources and Environment, Justice, Inspector General Government and Government Office.

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