The implementation plan of Action Program No. 34-CTr/TU dated 15/02/2023 of the Provincial Party Committee to implement Resolution No. 29-NQ/TW dated 17/11/2022 of the 13th Party Central Committee

Published on 24 - 05 - 2023

On 23/5/2023, the Provincial People's Committee issued the Plan No. 87/KH-UBND to implement the Action Program No. 34-CTr/TU dated February 15, 2023 of the Provincial Party Committee to implement the Resolution No. 29-NQ/TW dated November 17, 2022 of the 13th Party Central Committee on continuing to accelerate industrialization and modernization of the country to 2030, with a vision to 2045.

Accordingly, the Plan clearly states the following general objectives: By 2025, to build Hung Yen into a modern industrial province with highly efficient agruculture, fast and sustainable development. By 2030: To build a rich, beautiful, civilized Hung Yen province with the industry in the strong development group of the country; have large urban areas and model new-style rural areas; highly efficient, safe and sustainable commodity agriculture; modern, high-value-added and digital-based services. By 2045: Hung Yen is a smart city; fully promotes the core values of the ancient Pho Hien culture; as a beautiful, civilized, modern and rich province with cultural identity of the center of the Red River Delta.

Specific goals by 2030 are as follows:

- In the period 2021-2025 and the period 2026-2030, to focus on implementing the main targets, specifically:

+ Average growth rate of GRDP: period 2021-2025: about 8%/year, period 2026-2030: about 9%/year;

+ Economic structure (%GRDP): period 2021-2025: Agriculture and fisheries 6%, industry and construction 66%, services 28%; period 2026-2030: Agriculture and fishery 3.6%, construction and industry 64.1%, services 32.3%.

+ GRDP per capita (USD): period 2021-2025: 5100 USD/person; period 2026-2030: 8550 USD/person.

+ Urbanization rate: period 2021-2025: over 48%; period 2026-2030: over 58%;

+ Average contribution of total factor productivity to growth: period 2021-2025: over 50%; period 2026-2030: over 50%;

+ Industry share in GRDP: period 2021-2025: 60%; period 2026-2030: 58%;

+ The proportion of processing and manufacturing industry in GRDP: period 2021-2025: 56%; period 2026-2030: 55%;

+ The proportion of service sector in GRDP: period 2021-2025: 28%; period 2026-2030: 32.3%;

+ The rate of labor in agriculture: period 2021-2025: 19%; period 2026-2030: 17%;

+ The rate of trained workers with certificates and diplomas: period 2021-2025: over 30%; period 2026-2030: over 40%.

- In the period 2031-2045: Focus on attracting investment, developing fundamental industries, spearhead industries, high-tech industries, applying artificial intelligence, information technology and electronics industries, telecommunications, precision mechanical manufacturing industry, supporting industry associated with the construction of industrial parks, industrial clusters linking large-scale, modern industries, industrial - urban - smart service areas, eco area; developing digital economy and digital society.

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