To strengthen the management of mineral activities and remove obstacles about land and construction materials to implement highway and real estate projects

Published on 29 - 05 - 2023

On 26/5/2023, the Provincial People's Committee issued the Official Letter No. 1331/UBND-KT2 on strengthening the management of mineral activities and removing obstacles related to land and construction materials to implement highway and real estate projects.

Accordingly, the Provincial People's Committee requested provincial departments, branches and the People's Committees of districts, town and city to continue to strictly implement the Resolutions, Directives of the Party and the Directives of the National Assembly, the Resolutions, Directives, Official Letter and Notice of conclusions of the Government and the Prime Minister on promoting and solving problems related to exploitation and supply of construction materials for highway and real estate projects. To continue to be consistent with the motto that the implementation of expressway projects is a national work, serving the common interests of the whole country and bringing momentum, spreading, and speeding up investment attraction for local socio- economic development; therefore, the highest priority must be given to the conditions of resources and materials to speed up the investment progress of traffic projects, especially the ones in the construction of highways. To strengthen the propaganda, popularization and education to raise the awareness of the observance of the law on minerals; raise awareness and encourage people in the fight and denunciation of crimes; strictly conduct the approved plan to protect unexploited minerals, closely coordinate with relevant localities in implementing regulations on coordination in management, inspection and handling of violations in mineral activities, in order to prevent illegal mining activities in the bordering areas, especially sand and gravel minerals in river beds; it is strictly forbidden to take advantage of dredging and clearing channels for illegal sand and mineral extraction.

The Department of Natural Resources and Environment: Organize propaganda to investors, organizations and individuals licensed to materials mining about the provisions of the law in the field of minerals, relevant laws and special mechanisms approved by the National Assembly and the Government. To coordinate with investors in projects to review and increase the capacity of licensed sand and land mines, which are being exploited in the area; require mine owners to supply materials at announced and listed prices. To inspect and review the issued mineral exploration and exploitation permits and decisions and documents on permission to recover minerals in accordance with the provisions of law. To enhance the inspection, examination and handling of violations on minerals, suspend or withdraw licenses according to regulations for organizations and individuals exploiting unsafe minerals for laborers, causing great loss of minerals, causing serious environmental pollution, adverse impacts on the landscape and environment, historical-cultural relics, and geological heritage. To speed up the progress and shorten the time when carrying out the licensing procedures for mining minerals as common building materials for highway projects in the area. The licensing of exploitation ensures security - order, traffic safety and in accordance with the provisions of law. To review and summarize projects facing legal procedures related to determining specific land prices, land allocation, land lease, and change of land use purpose and report to the Provincial People's Committee. To publicize and introduce the land fund for social housing investment and call for investors to invest in and develop housing and accommodation for workers in industrial parks and economic zones.

The Department of Planning and Investment: Accelerate progress, complete, submit to competent authorities for approval and promulgate the provincial master plan for the period of 2021-2030, with a vision to 2050, including "Plan for protection, exploitation, using of mineral resources in the province" to serve as a basis for granting licenses for mineral activities to serve the construction needs of works and projects in the province.

The Department of Industry and Trade: Coordinate with the police force to strengthen the inspection, control and strict management of construction material prices, especially material prices at wharves and yards to avoid the situation of price increase, price pressure.

The Department of Construction: Regularly monitor and closely follow developments of the construction market to promptly update and announce the prices of common building materials, the construction price index to ensure that it is consistent with the price of premises in the region.

The Department of Transport: Act as the focal point to coordinate with relevant ministries and branches to update the route alignment of approved expressway projects through the province so that departments, branches and the People's Committees of districts have facilities to determine the land fund, make or adjust the master plan, land use plan accordingly.

The Provincial Police: Direct police units and localities to strengthen patrols and control mineral mining activities in the province. To investigate and strictly handle cases of deliberately speculating, forcing prices, and raising prices of construction materials.

The People's Committees of districts, town and city: Publicly handle the responsibilities of officials and heads of agencies and organizations that cover up and abet the illegal exploitation of natural resources in the locality, especially at the commune level, when illegal mining activities take place for a long time, causing serious consequences. To coordinate with the Department of Transport to regularly update the route alignment of approved expressway projects through the province, prepare or adjust district-level land use master plans and plans accordingly. To actively determine the land fund for expressway projects through the area, social housing projects, workers' houses, and include them in annual land use master plans and plans. To coordinate with investors in negotiating compensation, support, resettlement, speed up site clearance of projects, especially expressway projects through the area.


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