The Resolution of the Government on a number of key policies and solutions to support businesses to proactively adapt, recover quickly and develop sustainably by 2025

Published on 24 - 04 - 2023

On 21/4/2023, the Government issued the Resolution No. 58/NQ-CP on a number of key policies and solutions to support businesses to proactively adapt, recover quickly and develop sustainably by 2025.

According to the Resolution, in the coming time, the situation in the world, the region and the country will have advantages, opportunities, difficulties and challenges. In order to achieve the goals set out by the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress and fulfill the socio-economic development goals and targets for the five years 2021-2025 approved by the National Assembly, Vietnam needs to change strongly new growth model, restructure the economy, perfect the socialist-oriented market economy; improve productivity, quality, efficiency and competitiveness of the economy; in which the business community plays the role of a pioneer, core and important force to successfully accomplish the set goals.

In order to support Vietnamese enterprises to proactively adapt, recover quickly and develop sustainably in both quantity and quality, really become an important force to ensure the autonomy of the economy, the Government requests ministries, ministerial-level agencies, government-attached agencies, and the People's Committees of provinces and centrally-run cities to drastically and effectively implement key viewpoints, goals, tasks and solutions to support and develop businesses, specifically:

The point of view:

- To thoroughly implement fully and effectively the resolutions, guidelines and policies of the Party and State on encouraging business development; protect the lawful property ownership and freedom of business of people and businesses according to the Constitution and laws; create development and control risks, make healthy investment and business environment; not criminalize economic and civil relations, at the same time strictly handling all law violations; strengthening the trust of the business community and entrepreneurs; ensuring equal rights for all businesses, regardless of economic types and sectors, in opportunities to access resources and policies.

- To continue to accompany and support the development of enterprises, considering the removal of barriers and difficulties for businesses as a top political task. To clear bottlenecks with the motto "soonest, most effective", mobilize and free social resources for development investment. To uphold the spirit of self-reliance, mobilize the strength of national unity, the participation of the whole political system and business community, and expand international cooperation.

- To ensure the stability, consistency, predictability, clarity, transparency, effectiveness and substance of the policy; continue to improve the business investment environment in the direction of openness, convenience, safety and friendliness, approach international standards; simplify pre-inspection, strengthen post-inspection based on clear, transparent and reasonable standard and criteria; promote the application of technology and digital transformation in the system of state management agencies.

- To actively develop policies and prepare necessary resources to support enterprises to proactively adapt to future fluctuations, promote innovation, improve competitiveness, develop quickly and sustainably.

- To support businesses, anticipate new business trends; develop new business models based on innovation, digital economy, sharing economy, circular economy, green economy and sustainable business; speed up the formation of enterprises capable of leading in a number of potential industries and fields to create new growth engines and realize sustainable goals.

* Target

+ General objectives: Support and develop enterprises to actively adapt to new situations, stabilize production and business activities and recover quickly, innovate, develop sustainable production and business, improve high competitiveness, deeply involved in production networks, regional and global value chains; grow in quantity and quality, contributing to building an independent, self-reliant economy, actively and proactively integrate into the international economy deeply, practically and effectively.

+ Specific objectives to strive for by 2025:

- Reaching 1.5 million enterprises; 8,000-10,000 business households converted into enterprises.

- The business sector contributes about 65-70% of the country's GDP, about 30-35% of the total employment in the economy, 98-99% of the total import-export turnover.

- About 35-40% of the total number of enterprises engaged in science and technology application and innovation activities.

- 100% of business establishments including enterprises, cooperatives, and business households have been raised awareness of digital transformation; at least 30,000 business establishments are supported to carry out digital transformation.

- An increase of 10% each year in the number of businesses listed in the list of businesses with the highest brand value of reputable ranking organizations in the world.

- 100% of administrative procedures related to businesses are eligible to provide online public services.

- 80% of enterprises use trained workers.

In addition, the Resolution also specifies a group of tasks and solutions to be implemented in the short term; the ones in the medium and long term and organization of implementation.

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