The Plan of the Provincial People's Committee on external information of Hung Yen province in 2024

Published on 06 - 10 - 2023

On 05/10/2023, the Provincial People's Committee issued Plan No. 147/KH-UBND on external information of Hung Yen province in 2024.

Accordingly, the Plan has set out the following goals:

  - To implement Conclusion No. 57-KL/TW dated June 15, 2023 of the Politburo and Plan No. 211-KH/TU dated July 25, 2023 of the Provincial Party Committee on continuing to improve quality and effectiveness of external information work in the new situation.

- To well conduct the state management of external information and external information activities; strengthen coordination between sectors and localities in carrying out external information activities in the province. At the same time, orient sectors and localities to carry out external information activities to ensure practicality, effectiveness and suitability to the actual situation of the province.

- To beef up the promotion and introduction of images of the land, people, potentials, strengths, and achievements in all aspects of Hung Yen province to friends in the country and the world; Hung Yen community in particular and Vietnamese people in general abroad. Thereby boosting promotion activities and attracting investment for socio-economic development.

- To enhance propaganda work, contributing to a change in people's awareness of the ASEAN community, human rights in Vietnam and issues of islands, borders, territory, and democracy, religion, limit the negative impact of false and distorted information and arguments of opportunistic and hostile forces in external information activities, contribute to maintaining social stability, creating consensus among the people.

The plan clearly states the following implementation requirements:

- External information activities in the province must comply with the Party's guidelines and policies, the State's policies and laws on external information, and the Regulations on management of external information activities in Hung Yen province, propaganda about ASEAN and human rights in Vietnam. At the same time, closely follow important political, economic, cultural, social, defense and security events of the country, the province and political tasks of localities, agencies and units.

- There is close coordination and promotion of the combined strength of all levels, branches, localities and individuals participating in external information work according to the provisions of law.

- To diversify external information channels, introduce the image of the province, focusing on promotion channels on mass media and communication in new ways to improve the effectiveness of external information activities; enhance digital transformation in external information activities.

- To strictly comply with the information security regime and protect state secrets in external information activities according to current regulations.

The plan sets out five key tasks for implementation, including: Promulgating documents to direct and manage external information activities; arranging personnel in charge of external information work; propagating external information work; activities to promote the image, potentials, and strengths of the province nationwide and to the world; ensuring security and safety in implementing external information activities.


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