To develop products’brands protected by collective marks

Published on 06 - 09 - 2022

In recent years, the production of goods in the direction of improving the product value chain has grown in the province. Along with focusing on production development, the construction, development and protection of collective marks for specific products with strengths of the province are also increasingly concerned.

Carpentry products of Phuong Nga furniture production facility, in Thanh Long commune (Yen My) are affixed with the logo bearing the collective mark of Thuy Lan carpentry.

Carpentry in Thuy Lan village, Thanh Long commune (Yen My) has existed for nearly 100 years. Along with the development of science and technology and the dynamism and creativity of people working in the village, the carpentry profession of Thuy Lan village is developing more and more. Previously, due to the lack of collective trademark protection, Thuy Lan's carpentry products mainly stopped at small consumption, the value of products and goods was not high, and the ability to expand the market was limited. In February 2022, the collective mark of Thuy Lan carpentry was granted a protection title by the National Office of Intellectual Property. Along with trademark protection, the regulation on management and use of trademark is also issued to ensure the quality of output products.

Unlike Thuy Lan carpentry, the incense of Cao village, Bao Khe commune (Hung Yen city) has been granted a protection title of collective mark by the National Office of Intellectual Property for more than 10 years. However, the people working in the village as well as the owner of the brand as the Cao village's incense production association, have failed to effectively manage, exploit and use the mark, thus preventing the collective mark from being promoted and developed. A number of products have no obvious origin, whose quality are not guaranteed, and they contain chemicals that have been labeled with the "name" of Cao village’s incense, which affects the brand's reputation in the market.

Faced with that situation, in 2020, the Department of Science and Technology assigned Viet Intellectual Property Development Co., Ltd. to implement the project: Creating, managing and developing the collective trademark of Cao village’s incense products of Bao Khe commune (Hung Yen city). In May 2022, the collective mark of Cao village’s incense was once again granted a protection title by the National Office of Intellectual Property, and the Cao village’s incense production association has also developed the standards on quality and the regulations on trademark management and use. Mr. Nguyen Nhu Khanh, Vice Chairman of Cao village’s incense production association shared: Cao village’s incense was previously granted a protection title, but we did not properly and fully realize the role of the mark in the development of the product in the market so it does not promote efficiency. This time, with the advice, guidance and support of the Department of Science and Technology, Viet Intellectual Property Development Co., Ltd and local authorities, the collective trademark of Cao village has continued to be granted the protection title for the trademark owner as the Cao village's incense production association. On the basis of the protected trademark, six organizations and individuals producing incenses in the village have been granted the certificates of the rights to use the mark. Three production establishments have been granted codes and barcodes. This is the premise to manage and control the quality of products bearing the collective trademark of Cao village, contributing to preventing and repelling the acts of producing low-quality and toxic products as well as counterfeit products, causing damage to producers and consumers.

Displaying and introducing incense products under the collective mark of Cao village’s incense, Bao Khe commune, Hung Yen city

Up to now, in the province, there have been 17 typical products registered for collective trademark protection, of which 15 products have been granted protection titles by the National Office of Intellectual Property. The protection of collective marks helps control quality, improve prestige, preserve reputation and promote trade for products. However, the exploitation and promotion of the value of intellectual property after granting a protection title are still limited; even the collective trademarks that have been granted protection titles in previous years such as: Hoa Phong carpentry (My Hao town), Long Thuong bronze casting (Van Lam) ..., the number of establishments that have been granted the brand name use right certificates only accounts for about 10%. This means that there are thousands of production facilities in craft villages that are not eligible for collective labeling even though the products are locally produced and the product's quality is not controlled and supervised, leading to the trademark infringement or affecting the reputation of the mark in the market.

Comrade Nguyen Xuan Hai, Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology said: Organizations and individuals in the province have been active and made a lot of solutions to manage and develop collective marks that have been protected by rights of intellectual property, contributing to improving the value of products and increasing incomes for people involved in the production and trading of these products. However, the capacity and awareness of many households and production facilities are not sufficient, which causes the promotion of the intellectual property values ​​of the trademark not high. The number of use rights certificates for collective trademark that are issued is still low. In order for the intellectual property to become a valuable asset, contributing greatly to the value of products on the market, the Department of Science and Technology continues to organize conferences and training courses, propagandize, publicize for the people, in which focusing on the production and business households in craft villages, the establishments with the products certified as OCOP products, owners, the owner of the collective marks.

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