Digital transformation in commercial and service activities

Published on 06 - 09 - 2022

With the strong development of the fourth industrial revolution, along with the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the change in consumption trends has created a driving force for the rapid digital transformation. In which, digital transformation in the field of commerce and service is considered an inevitable trend.

Supermarket systems Intimex, Vinmart, VinMart+, Mediamart, Dien May Xanh, The Gioi Di Dong, The Gioi Sua... are the successfully leading units in sales and customer care thanks to the application of software systems on specialized sales, creating the habit of buying essential consumer goods for consumers.

Pho Hien Green Agriculture Cooperative (Hung Yen city) introduces agricultural products to customers

The updating, saving information and customer's delivery address and supporting online payment through linked bank account... have created convenience, trust and attachment of customers to the businesses. In particular, not only supermarkets and large trade centers but also convenience stores and traditional retail establishments in the province have also gradually applied digital platforms to diversify sales activities, increase product promotion. Along with that, a lot of technological solutions are also applied by the units such as: Sales management software, non-cash payment; automatic surveillance camera systems... The performance of these "digitized" solutions has brought a lot of benefits to both sellers and buyers, contributed to promoting the development of the trade and service industry, especially in the context that the economy is gradually recovering from the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. According to the Department of Statistics, in the past 8 months, the total retail sales of goods and services in the province have reached nearly 27 trillion VND, up 11.66% over the same period in 2021.

In the province, many commercial and service businesses have been gradually applying digital transformation, considering this an important "key" to help improve business efficiency. Commercial and service businesses are gradually applying the digital transformation in the development of trade and services such as: Building websites to inform and promote products as well as participating in the supply of products and goods on the Internet; attaching product's QR code, paying by card and e-wallet; online payment; applying sales software, business administration, accounting software, electronic invoices, digital signatures... in business and management activities. Recognizing the importance of digital transformation, towards the development of the digital economy, the Provincial People's Committee has issued a lot of plans and policies to support infrastructure investment and management, technology transfer training, and funding ... to encourage enterprises to apply digital transformation. Specifically, the Provincial People's Committee issued the Action Plan No. 31/KH-UBND dated February 21, 2022 to implement the Prime Minister's Decision No. 1968/QD-TTg dated November 22, 2021 on approving the Project "Promoting applying information technology and digital transformation in trade promotion activities in the period of 2021-2030”. Accordingly, the total budget for the implementation of the plan is over VND 8 billion and the goal is that by 2025, the province will complete the construction and form a digital trade promotion ecosystem; ensuring that 100% of trade promotion organizations and over 500 businesses are granted accounts on the digital promotion ecosystem; 15% of market connection services are organized on the connection platform, supporting 500 businesses; 15% of fairs and exhibitions are held in the digital environment; 100% of trade promotion organizations and over 1,000 turns of businesses, cooperatives and business households are trained, guided and supported on information technology (IT) applications and digital transformation in trade promotion activities and information security...

One of the key factors to accelerate the digital transformation process, especially in the field of commerce and services, is IT infrastructure. This is a necessary condition for businesses, retail systems, production and business units to develop new service platforms in the direction of modernity and digitization… Comrade Tran Thi Hong Hanh, Deputy Director of the Department Industry and Trade said that in the coming time, the department will focus on propagating, training and developing e-commerce human resources, develop e-commerce products and solutions; support the integration of online payment solutions; improve management capacity and organize e-commerce development activities. To organize propaganda and training in e-commerce skills for businesses to improve the level of participation and exploitation of e-commerce applications of enterprises, enhance the ability of consumers to recognize and respond to negative behaviors in e-commerce; promote e-commerce application, support key export industries, expand consumption for domestic goods. To support trade promotion, distribution of key agricultural products, OCOP products and products of small and micro enterprises and agricultural production households on digital platforms. To promote the attraction of high-quality IT human resources for enterprises to participate in the digital transformation process.

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