The Provincial People's Committee's Plan to implement the Resolution of the Provincial Standing Committee on the Project of the overall socio-economic development of the alluvial plain of the Red River and Luoc River in Hung Yen province

Published on 09 - 06 - 2022

On 08/6/2022, the Provincial People's Committee issued the Plan No. 110/KH-UBND to implement the Resolution No. 22-NQ/TU dated March 24, 2022 of the Provincial Standing Committee on the Project of the overall socio-economic development of the alluvial plain of the Red River and Luoc River, in Hung Yen province in the period of 2021-2025, with an orientation to 2030.

Accordingly, the overall objective of the Plan is the overall socio-economic development of the alluvial plain of the Red River and Luoc River in order to maximize the potentials and advantages of the alluvial plain, on the basis of effective use of all resources, accelerate economic growth with a reasonable structure. To form a synchronous road and waterway traffic system. To build a number of ports and berths for transshipment of inland waterway goods; develop urban area, ecological and smart housing, commercial centers, resorts, amusement, entertainment, modern and civilized sports. To attract investment, exploit, promote, preserve and embellish historical relics and cultural heritages in association with the development of trade, services and tourism; develop industry, handicrafts and high-tech agriculture, clean agriculture, organic agriculture, multi-functional agriculture in a sustainable direction, in line with the province's socio-economic development planning and the region. To build newly advanced rural areas, newly model rural areas, associated with natural disaster prevention and control, adaptation to climate change, ensure social security, national defense and security, build the Party and political system clean, strong and comprehensive.

 The plan sets out specific goals to strive for by 2025:

- The average economic growth rate of the alluvial plain in 5 years is 7.0-8.0%; the value obtained from one hectare of cultivation reaches over 250 million VND/ha; the rate of labor in the alluvial plain attains 71%; the rate of poor households reduces to less than 1% by the end of 2025; the percentage of households using clean water attains 100%; the rate of collected and treated daily-life solid waste to meet environmental protection requirements in urban areas reaches 95%, in rural areas of 90%; maintain the percentage of communes meeting the national standard of health at 100%, 100% of commune health stations eligible for medical examination and treatment covered by health insurance, and perform at least 80% of the list of technical services of the commune. There are at least 22 communes meeting the newly advanced rural standards, 06 to 10 communes reaching the newly model rural areas; 100% of production and business establishments meet environmental protection standards; 20 trade villages in alluvial plain are recognized; 25-30 products participate in the OCOP Program.

- To develop a number of new urban areas, ecological urban areas, high-class housing, trade centers, services, resorts, entertainment and high-class sports in association with service and tourism development.

- To develop three cultural and historical tourism routes (the Pho Hien relic complex; Da Hoa - Da Trach temple, Chu Dong Tu - Tien Dung festival; La Tien, Tong Tran - Cuc Hoa temples); expand the development of cultural and historical tourism associated with sightseeing, experience, ecology, farming, agriculture and rural tourism, entertainment, diversify tourism products and contributie to attracting domestic and foreign tourists.

The targets to 2030: To strive that by 2030, the economic growth rate and per capita income will be at a good level as compared to the average of the whole province; forming high-tech industrial production, clean handicrafts and high-tech, ecological, organic and multi-purpose agricultural production. To build synchronous and modern socio-economic infrastructure system; basically complete urban areas, ecological urban areas, houses, trade centers, services, resorts, sports, entertainment and high-class entertainment; trade, service, tourism development; historical relics, cultural heritages, socio-cultural institutions shall be preserved, embellished and promoted effectively in association with tourism development; all commune health stations can fully conduct the contents of primary health care, perform 100% of the list of technical services of the commune level. To maintain 100% of production and business establishments meeting environmental standards, 100% of households can use clean water; the rate of treatment and reuse of wastewater into the river basin reaches over 75%; complete the construction of newly advanced rural areas and newly model rural areas; ensure the prevention and control of natural disasters and adaptation to climate change; constantly improve the material and spiritual life of the people; maintain political security, social order and safety, build the Party and political system in a clean, strong and comprehensive manner.

The plan sets out tasks and solutions for implementation, including 11 key contents as follows: Reviewing the socio-economic development planning in the alluvial plain; improving the quality of human resources; promoting the human factor; technical infrastructure development; urban development; developing trade, services and tourism; developing high-tech agriculture, clean agriculture, ecological agriculture, and organic agriculture in association with building newly advanced rural areas and newly model rural areas; developing industry, handicrafts and craft villages; developing the health, culture, education and sports systems; focusing on promoting investment attraction in the alluvial plain; building the Party and political system; ensuring national defense and security; some key projects are expected to be implemented.

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