The development of digital infrastructure serves for digital transformation

Published on 17 - 06 - 2022

Digital infrastructure includes telecommunications infrastructure, information technology and data center infrastructure. This is an important foundation that determines the success of the digital transformation process.

Viettel Hung Yen employee checks the operation of telecommunications service providers

According to the assessment of the functional sector, the current telecommunications infrastructure in the province basically meets the connection and data usage requirements of the authorities and people in the province. However, the actual needs always require connection standards, ensuring a continuous, smooth and high-speed data flow among entities in the digital economy and digital society. Therefore, developing digital infrastructure is investing in new technologies and upgrading existing telecommunications infrastructure. Currently, telecommunications businesses are deploying the application of new smart technology (virtualization) for fiber optic infrastructure to meet bandwidth requirements for the development of the digital economy and digital society; at the same time applying new technology for the data center to ensure service quality on telecommunications infrastructure, meeting future requirements for digital transformation.

With the resources and technological strengths, VNPT Hung Yen is actively building a digital infrastructure platform and a rich digital ecosystem to meet the needs of the socio-economic development and implementation of e-government. VNPT Hung Yen opticalizes 100% of transmission line infrastructure; 3G, 4G coverage to all areas in the province. Periodically, the unit reviews and evaluates the quality of telecommunications waves and the coverage of the optical cable network to make an investment plan to ensure uninterrupted information and good service quality. Every year, VNPT Hung Yen has newly invested, upgraded and renovated on average 30 mobile communication transmission and reception stations; 5% of fiber optic lines to meet the needs of the government and people for using digital infrastructure. The virtualized infrastructure to serve the needs for using infrastructure of administrative agencies and businesses is prioritized for development, ready to respond when required. The data transmission network infrastructure, data storage servers, information security systems meet the requirements of deploying e-government systems, creating a premise for digital transformation in economic, social and urban areas of the province. Representative of VNPT Hung Yen said: The unit deploys and ensures optimal, safe and intelligent telecommunications network infrastructure as the foundation for internet development to serve the digital economy; create an ecosystem for service and technology development. The unit is always interested in developing digital infrastructure to be ready to meet the needs of information exploitation and use, data processing and information security assurance.

In parallel with telecommunications infrastructure, information technology infrastructure is also interested in investment and construction from the province to the communes. Up to now, 100% of agencies and units in the administrative system of the province have had local area networks (LANs), broadband internet connections, and dedicated data lines. The specialized data transmission network in the Party and State agencies in the province has been deployed in 100% of agencies and administrative units with 200 connection points. The ratio of computers/officers and civil servants at the provincial and district levels reaches 100%, the commune level at 80%; the percentage of computers with broadband internet connection attains 100%...

On the basis of the infrastructure of telecommunications, information technology and information systems have been deployed to connect from the province to the communes and with the central government, and specialized databases have been invested and put into use, which promotes the efficiency, helps reduce the work processing time and saves costs. The deployed information systems include: Hung Yen province's web portal and the portals of departments, agencies, branches and localities; the Online Public Service Portal and the Provincial One-Stop Information System were deployed and put into use in a centralized model through a single portal; the provincial official email system; the document management and operating software; the online video conferencing system… Up to now, the online Public Service Portal and the provincial one-stop information system have been deployed, connected from the province to all districts, town, city and 161 communes, wards, towns and the National Public Service Portal. More than 80% of administrative dossiers provided on the Online Public Service Portal and the Provincial One-Stop Information System have achieved level 3 and level 4.

For successful digital transformation, the digital infrastructure must be one step ahead. Determining the infrastructure factor that is decisive to the quality, efficiency and sustainability of digital transformation should be included in the Digital Transformation Project of Hung Yen province for the period of 2021-2025, with a vision to 2030, the Provincial People's Committee requires the focus on developing digital infrastructure, ready to meet the needs of connection and data processing.

Comrade Bui Van Sy, Director of the Department of Information and Communications, said: In the coming time, the Department of Information and Communications will continue to advise the province to mobilize resources, pay attention to investing in building digital infrastructure to create a platform for comprehensive digital transformation across sectors. The goal by 2025 is to ensure 4G coverage at all locations of the province; convert all information technology application systems of the province to using new generation internet protocol version 6 (Ipv6); build and complete the infrastructure of the Intelligent Operation Center (IOC) of the province; maintain the operational efficiency of the province's Online Video Conferencing System; deploy a smart public wifi system to serve the needs of accessing information via the internet, which is convenient for investors, tourists and the people; develop Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure, build a roadmap and implement sensor integration and digital technology application into essential infrastructures to transform into digital infrastructure...

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