To build Hung Yen city into an ecological, smart, modern and civilized city

Published on 02 - 05 - 2022

The Resolution No. 21-NQ/TU dated March 24, 2022 of the Provincial Standing Committee on the development of Hung Yen city in the period of 2021 - 2025, with a vision to 2045, defining the goal to 2025: "Building Hung city Yen into a grade-II city directly under the province in the direction of an ecological, smart, modern and civilized urban area". With the attention of leadership and direction of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People's Council, the Provincial People's Committee, the Provincial Fatherland Front Committee, the coordination of provincial departments, agencies, branches, Party committee, government and people of Hung Yen city continued to promote cultural and revolutionary traditions, strive to overcome difficulties, unite and creatively build Hung Yen city to reach new goals.

The appearance of Hung Yen city is getting more and more spacious and clean

After 15 years of being recognized as a grade-III urban area, the socio-economic picture of Hung Yen city today has changed remarkably. The overall city is spacious and modern, newly built projects create many highlights, clean and green roads… The city's urban infrastructure is constantly being invested and upgraded; the annual socio-economic development targets have all met and exceeded the set ones, the living standards of the city's people have improved day by day.

Continuously in the past 5 years, the city has mobilized an average of 900 billion VND/year to invest in the construction of urban infrastructure, increasingly met the requirements and tasks of the socio-economic development. Thereby, dozens of kilometers of urban roads, hundreds of kilometers of rural roads and roads in service of production have been renewed and renovated; urban water supply and drainage system is completed. Synchronous technical infrastructure and open traffic have created an airy urban space and created momentum for the city's economy to develop faster and stronger in all fields. The total number of investment projects in the city currently has reached nearly 100 projects, with a total investment capital of nearly 9 trillion VND. The areas of agricultural production with high economic efficiency near urban areas; increasingly busy commercial and service activities, account for an increasing proportion. Those factors have created a colorful economic picture for the city today. In 2021, the city has achieved very encouraging results: Economic growth reaches 8.1%; per capita income attains 96 million VND; the rate of poor households decreases to 1.12%…

At the 21st Congress of the Party Committee of Hung Yen City, for the 2020-2025 term, the Municipal Party Committee set a key goal by 2025, striving to build Hung Yen city into a grade-II urban area. Right from the beginning of the term, the planning, urban embellishment, investment and construction of social welfare works, serving the people in the city have been paid attention and carried out synchronously.

According to the Resolution No. 21-NQ/TU dated March 24, 2022 of the Provincial Standing Committee, in the target by 2025, the city's GRDP growth is about 10.5/year; State budget revenue increases by an average of over 8%/year; the city's urbanization rate reaches 59%; the rate of poor households is less than 0.5%; 5 more communes become the ward. By 2030, achieving over 50% of the criteria of urban areas at grade I; completing the project of Pho Hien University Area; upgrading the remaining communes into wards; GRDP growth of 11.5%/year or more; urbanization rate reaching over 70%. By 2035, Hung Yen city will become a grade-I city, a cultural tourism city with a complete smart urban ecosystem. By 2045, Hung Yen city will become an ecological, intelligent, civilized and beautiful city.

Upgrading Trieu Quang Phuc route (Hung Yen city)

To accomplish those goals, in the period of 2021 - 2025, the city proposes to the Provincial People's Committee to consider a specific mechanism for the city in order to have more resources, soon complete the goals, and support the city with 27 projects with the total investment of about 1,390 billion VND, of which the provincial budget supports 889 billion VND, the rest is the city's reciprocal source. In addition, the city proactively has made specific plans, focusing on allocating resources to build urban infrastructure and works to create highlights for the city, upgrade a number of monuments to attract tourists. To focus on prioritizing infrastructure investment for 3 communes to strive for wards; attracting investment from corporations and enterprises; puting Bao Khe industrial cluster into operation; building welfare works in the area of ​​wards and communes; embellishing street pavements, inter-commune and inter-village traffic works, cultural works of neighborhoods and villages... To pay special attention to building infrastructure in the central area, towards the development of smart city.

Comrade Doan Quoc Hoan, Chairman of the Hung Yen Municipal People's Committee said: Approaching new opportunities, with new goals, the city is determined to develop quickly and sustainably and worthy of the political – economic – cultural - social center of the province. In the following years, the city will focus on building in the direction of developing synchronous and modern infrastructure and following the trend of smart urban ecology; review the implementation of the key investment attraction strategy, feasible according to the orientation and planning; restructure the economy towards urban, in which trade - service is the spearhead, industry - handicraft is the driving force to promote innovation and start-up; strictly manage, economically and efficiently use land resources, overcome pollution, and protect the environment; promote the development of socio-cultural fields and improve the people's life…

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