Hung Yen has increased by 10 ranks in the PAR index and 2 ranks in the SIPAS index in 2021

Published on 25 - 05 - 2022

According to the results announced by the Government Steering Committee for Administrative Reform at the conference on May 25, 2022, Hung Yen's PAR index in 2021 is 88.34, ranking 12/63, up 10 ranks as compared to 2020. In the SIPAS index in 2021, Hung Yen province continues to maintain a high rank as compared to the whole country at 92.07% (up 0.41%), ranking the 3rd out of 63, up 2 levels as compared to 2020; the satisfaction index of 63 provinces and cities directly under the Central Government is in the range of 82.79% - 94.07% with a median value of 87.02%.

At the conference

The results of the PAR index 2021 have actually assessed the efforts of the entire political system of the province over the past time. Hung Yen province has made a lot of drastic directions to promote administrative reform, focusing on directing, operating and streamlining the organizational apparatus, reforming administrative procedures, and improving the quality of cadres, civil servants and public employees, along with the application of science and technology to modernize the administration, towards attracting investment from businesses in the province's socio-economic development, stabilizing people's life, improving the satisfaction of organizations and individuals with the service of state administrative agencies. With the determination and participation of the whole political system, the administrative reform, improvement of business investment environment; the results of Hung Yen's PAR and SIPAS indexes in 2021 have changed dramatically.

However, this is also a challenge for Hung Yen to continue to maintain and hold the overall ranking in the following years. In order to continue to maintain and keep the overall ranking in the following years at all levels, the provincial branches determine to focus on carrying out such a number of tasks and solutions as: Improving the responsibility of the leaders in the PAR activities. To synchronously, comprehensively and drastically perform solutions on PAR, improve business investment environment, increase public administration efficiency in order to raise the operational efficiency and effectiveness of the administrative apparatus at all levels, provide the best public administrative services, promote the role and mobilize the participation of the people and businesses, create consensus, solidarity, openness, excitement, strong trust for people and businesses. To continue to propagate widely to all cadres, civil servants and public employees on administrative reform and the contents of the PAR, in order to raise awareness and responsibility of cadres, civil servants and public employees in performing their duties, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the management of state agencies. To strengthen the performance of administrative reform; effectively conduct the one-stop-shop mechanism in handling administrative procedures; increase the settlement of administrative procedures in the electronic environment, receive, process and return administrative procedure results through online public services on the Provincial Public Service Portal, the electronic one-stop software system at district and commune levels and public postal services; resolutely not let the situation that the application has been sent by individuals or organizations but not received or processed. To standardize and electronicize business processes for processing records and exchanging documents in the network environment.


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