To receive the Third-class Fatherland Defense Order

Published on 06 - 05 - 2022

On May 6, the Military Command of Kim Dong district held a ceremony to receive the Third-class Fatherland Defense Order; commemorate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the district's armed forces (May 6, 1947 - May 6, 2022) and release the book of the History of the Military Party Committee of Kim Dong district in the period of 1947 – 2020. In the attendance were comrades: Mr. Nguyen Van Cuong, former Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee; members of the Provincial Standing Committee: Mr. Nguyen Le Huy, Head of the Internal Affairs Commission of the Provincial Party Committee; Colonel Nguyen Chi Cong, Chief of the Provincial Military Command; Mr. Pham Huy Binh, Secretary of Hung Yen Municipal Party Committee; Mr. Nguyen Hung Nam, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee; Heroes of the People's Armed Forces, Heroes of Labor, Heroic Mothers of Vietnam...

Delegates attend the ceremony

At the ceremony, authorized by the State President, Colonel Nguyen Chi Cong, member of the Provincial Standing Committee, Chief of the Provincial Military Command awarded the Third-class Fatherland Defense Order to the Military Command of Kim Dong district.

The speech at the ceremony stated that 75 years ago, on May 6, 1947, the militia group of Kim Dong district (now the District Military Command) was established in Duong Phu village, Chinh Nghia commune, Kim Dong district. Over the past 75 years, inheriting and promoting the glorious revolutionary tradition of the Party Committee and people in the district, the armed forces of Kim Dong district have overcome all difficulties and challenges, gradually grown in the force building, training and fighting, contributing to embellishing the tradition of the heroic homeland.

Experiencing the resistance wars against foreign invaders, under the leadership of the Party, the district's armed forces, along with local people, actively contributed the manpower and properties, and heroically fought to achieve a lot of victories. With these great contributions, the people and Armed Forces of the district, 8 communes, towns and 7 individuals of the district were awarded the title of the Hero of the People's Armed Forces. In the whole district, there are more than 200 mothers who have been conferred and posthumously awarded the title of Vietnamese Heroic Mother; hundreds of collectives and individuals have been rewarded many noble prizes by the Party and State.

During the period of national construction and renewal, the district's armed forces have overcome all difficulties, actively, comprehensively and creatively implemented local military and defense tasks, successfully completed all assigned tasks and actively contributed to the Party Committee, government and people in the district to successfully carry out the socio-economic development objectives and tasks, consolidated and strengthened national defense and security potentials, and built the district growing stronger and stronger.

Under the authorization of the State President, Comrade Colonel Nguyen Chi Cong awards the Third-class Fatherland Defense Order to the Military Command of Kim Dong district.

On this occasion, the Military Party Executive Committee of Kim Dong district released the book of the History of the District’s Military Party Committee for the period of 1947 - 2020.

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