The measurement activities innovated to support businesses to improve competitiveness and integration

Published on 17 - 03 - 2022

Implementing the Decision No. 996/QD-TTg dated August 10, 2018 of the Prime Minister approving the Project "Strengthening and renovating measurement activities to support Vietnamese enterprises in improving their competitiveness and international integration towards to 2025, with an orientation to 2030", the Provincial People's Committee issued the Plan No. 129/KH-UBND (The Plan No. 129) dated October 7, 2019. The Plan No. 129 aims to develop facilities and metrological service infrastructure in a synchronous and modern direction, meeting international integration and the need to ensure accurate measurement for businesses' activities, suitable to the socio-economic conditions of the province; supporting businesses in a number of priority industries and fields associated with the digital economy... After more than 2 years of implementing the Plan No. 129, the measurement work in enterprises in the province has seen many positive changes. Enterprises are more proactive and active in inspecting and adjusting measuring instruments according to regulations.

The provincial market management force inspects the petrol pump pole at a petrol and oil retail store in Tien Lu district

Gasoline and oil are particularly important commodities, having a great influence on the socio-economic development and people's lives. In recent years, the situation of domestic gasoline and oil trading has been complicated due to the fluctuations in the world's gasoline and oil prices. To prevent fraud in measurement and quality of gasoline and oil, the Sub-Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality (The Department of Science and Technology) has strengthened the management of petrol and oil pump poles through periodic inspection of pump poles. The Sub-department seals all parts that can affect and adjust the measurement results on the pump pole and makes a record of handing over the status and current status of the pump pole to attach the management responsibility to the owner of measuring equipment. As a result, the fraud in measuring gasoline and oil has been limited. The petrol and oil trading enterprises themselves also actively install quality and satisfactory measuring equipment and periodically inspect the measuring devices according to regulations. In 2021 and the first 2 months of 2022, the Department of Science and Technology has assumed the prime responsibility for, and coordinated in inspecting the measurement and quality of petrol and oil for 124 turns of petrol and oil trading establishments in the locality. As a result, 100% of inspected establishments have used valid measuring instruments for inspection and kept full quality records.

Not only petrol and oil trading enterprises, most of the enterprises using measuring instruments in production and business in the province are now interested in the periodic calibration and verification of measuring instruments in order to ensure the accuracy in measurement. Accurate measurement helps businesses accurately quantify raw materials, fuels, inputs of the production process as well as control the amount of waste discharged into the environment. Thereby contributing to improving productivity, product and goods quality, and increasing economic efficiency.

The Sub-Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality inspects electrical measuring devices

In addition to enterprises that actively and proactively implement the regulations on measurement and quality, some enterprises still have unsatisfactory measurement equipment, inspection deadlines have expired, and the volume of packaged goods has not met the announcement. In 2021, the Inspectorate of the Department of Industry and Trade coordinated with the Sub-Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality to conduct an inspection and discovered that Ngoc Ly Plastic Chemical Co., Ltd (Van Lam) had committed an administrative violation of using electric motor that had expired. The inspection team made a record of administrative violations and issued a decision to sanction administrative violations with a fine of 20 million VND. In 2021, the Sub-Department of Standards, Metrology, and Quality, through inspection, discovered a prepackaged shipment of F104 pork compound feed, in pellets and 25kg in weight produced on October 7, 2021 of the GreenFeed Vietnam Joint Stock Company - Hung Yen branch, that did not meet the measurement requirements for the quantity of prepackaged goods as prescribed in the Circular No. 21/2014/TT-BKHCN dated July 15, 2014 of the Ministry of Science and Technology.

The measurement standards assigned to the Sub-Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality for management in quantities such as length, capacity, volume, pressure, electricity... have been connected to main standards, national metrological standards, serving as a basis for measuring the rule of law in the locality. Thereby, meeting the needs of ensuring accurate measurement of enterprises through inspection, calibration, testing of measuring instruments, measurement standards and construction of measurement methods for enterprises.

Comrade Dao Manh Hung, Deputy Director of the Sub-Department of Standards, Metrology and Quality, said: Implementing the Plan No.129, the branch has stepped up propaganda and dissemination of policies and laws on measurement and quality in enterprises, at the same time organizing and coordinating to organize many inspections on metrology. The results of inspection and testing in recent years show that most products and goods of enterprises meet the quality requirements in accordance with national technical regulations or published standards, measuring equipment ensures the provisions of the law on measurement, actively contributing to the prevention of violations of standards, measurement and quality of products and goods, especially essential commodities such as gasoline, oil, prepackaged goods, electrical - electronic, helmets, children's toys...

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