The Provincial People's Council approved the Resolution on socio-economic development tasks in 2023

Published on 12 - 12 - 2022

On 09/12/2022, at the 11th Session, the 17th Provincial People's Council approved the Resolution No. 303/NQ-HDND on the socio-economic development tasks in 2023.

The Resolution clearly outlines the achievements on socio-economic development in 2022, at the same time pointing out limitations. The Resolution sets out the goals, tasks and solutions for 2023 as follows

General objectives: To drastically implement the goals of socio-economic recovery and development, control prices, and ensure major balances of the economy. To focus on removing difficulties and creating favorable conditions for enterprises to develop production and business. To promote investment attraction in the direction of developing modern technology industry with high added value and friendly with the environment. To step up the construction of socio-economic, commercial, and urban infrastructure, pay more attention to key areas to promote spillover development. To effectively and safely adapt to the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic; ensure social security policies and improve people's lives. To promote administrative reform and prevent and combat corruption and waste; ensure national defense, political security, social order and safety.

Main targets:

Economic affairs: Gross domestic product in the province at constant prices (GRDP) increases by 9%; production value: agriculture, fishery increases by 2.2%; industry and construction increases by 10.5% (in which construction increases: 20%); trade and services increases by 9%; industrial production index increases by 9.5%; economic structure: industry, construction accounts for 65% - trade and services accounts for 28% - agriculture and fishery accounts for 7%; gross product per capita (GRDP/person) reaches 112 million VND; total retail sales of goods and services attain VND 52,000 billion; export turnover reaches 7 billion USD; total social development investment capital attains 63,500 billion VND; local budget revenue reaches 22,921 billion VND, of which: domestic revenue reaches 18,221 billion VND, revenue from import and export activities attains 4,700 billion VND; total local budget expenditure is 20,178.8 billion VND, of which: development investment expenditure is 12,006.3 billion VND, recurrent expenditure is 7,807.9 billion VND; the value of products per hectare of arable land and water surface for aquaculture reaches VND 238 million.

Social affairs: The rate of schools at all levels meeting national standards is 87.38%; the rate of solid classrooms is 95.67%; the average number of high school students in a class is 35.8 students; maintaining the natural population growth rate below 1%; the average life expectancy is over 74 years old; the sex ratio at birth is 118.4 boys/100 girls; creating new jobs for 2.4 thousand workers. The rate of trained workers is 69%; in which the percentage of trained workers with degrees and certificates reaches 31%; the proportion of people participating in health insurance attains 93.8%; the rate of workers in the age group participating in social insurance reaches 46.3%; the percentage of communes recognized as meeting national standards in health is 100%; there are 9.5 doctors and 31 beds per ten thousand people; the rate of poor households decreases to 1.6%; the percentage of urban population supplied with clean water through centralized water supply system is 88%; the percentage of rural population using clean water meeting the standards is 96.4%; there are 30 more model residential areas; 30 newly advanced rural communes; 10 newly model rural communes; the rate of households achieving the title of cultural family is 92.2%; the rate of village/population group achieving the title of cultural village/population group is 89.8%; the percentage of agencies, units and enterprises meeting cultural standards reaches 92.2%;

In terms of environment and urban areas: The rate of hazardous waste is collected and treated at 100%; the percentage of urban daily-life solid waste is collected and treated at 100%; the percentage of industrial parks in operation with centralized wastewater treatment systems meeting environmental standards is 100%; urbanization rate reaches 45%.

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