To speed up the clearance of industrial zones

Published on 21 - 11 - 2022

With the efforts of the whole political system, the investment and construction of infrastructure in industrial zones of the province have achieved a lot of positive results, especially the site clearance work that is being drastically carried out by sectors and localities to hand over ground to infrastructure investors.

The expanded Thang Long Industrial Park II project covers an area of ​​over 180ha, involving the clearance of agricultural land of more than 1,700 households in four communes and wards of My Hao town. Following the direction of the Provincial People's Committee, on March 7, 2022, My Hao Town People's Committee issued the Plan No. 53/KH-UBND on land acquisition, investigation, survey, measurement and tally for site clearance to implement the project; on March 13, 2022, the above project was carried out to Party committees and the People's Committees of communes and wards within the project scope. Along with that, My Hao town has coordinated with departments and branches to promote propaganda and mobilize people with land in the project to be aware of the project's benefits to the socio-economic development of the locality; communes and wards have publicly informed households about the recovered land plot, tallied the land, crops and assets on the land, approved the plan to pay compensation and support to households and individuals... therefore, it is highly supported by the people. After more than seven months of implementation, up to now, the compensation and site clearance work has been basically completed with the rate of over 92% of the people whose land is involved in the project receiving compensation for site clearance. Mr. Nguyen Duc Thang, Director of Thang Long Industrial Park II Co., Ltd. said: Although the project has a large area of ​​land to be acquired and many households having land to be acquired, over the past time, with the attention and direction of the province, the drastic participation of the departments, branches and My Hao town, the project has basically completed the compensation for site clearance. Up to now, there have been many potential businesses wishing to invest in the expansion project of phase 3 of Thang Long Industrial Park II.

Setting up the road markers to implement the project of investment in construction and infrastructure business of the Clean Industrial Park

Comrade Nguyen Quoc Khanh, Vice Chairman of My Hao Town People's Committee said: Currently, some households are still having problems with the origin of land, this issue is being continuously propagated and completed by local authorities to approve the land compensation plan and complete the procedures for land allocation to the investor as soon as possible.

For the project of investment in construction and business of technical infrastructure of the Clean Industrial Park with a scale of more than 143 hectares, the Provincial People's Committee has directed departments and branches to coordinate with Khoai Chau and An Thi districts to urgently organize the implementation of the clearance work for project implementation. In addition to carrying out compensation for site clearance in accordance with the Land Law, in order to remove problems from the people, the branches and localities held meetings with the people in the project implementation area to answer all questions. Regarding the process of conducting the price application, the announcement of the compensation price for site clearance is done publicly and transparently to ensure the interests of households in the project area. The compensation and resettlement support council of the district also works closely with mass organizations in localities in the project area to promote propaganda and advocacy so that people understand the purpose of the project, from which to agree, expeditiously hand over the ground. Up to now, over 99.6% of households whose area is subject to site clearance for project implementation have received compensation. Due to good propaganda and state management, although the project area is large, localities do not allow people to take advantage of compensation money...

Currently, in the province, there are 10 industrial park projects carrying out site clearance work with a total land clearance area of ​​more than 1.7 thousand hectares. Over the past time, the clearance of industrial zones has been performed by the branches and localities of the province in coordination with relevant units. Since the beginning of the year, nearly 600 hectares of land in industrial zones have been cleared. Thanks to the publicity and propaganda in advance about the provisions of the law as well as the regimes and policies related to land acquisition and clearance, many industrial park projects have rapid progress of site clearance such as: the Clean Industrial Park, the Industrial Park No. 5, Thang Long Industrial Park II, Pho Noi A. The speeding up progress of industrial park projects has made an important contribution for the infrastructure investors of the industrial zones to continue conducting the next steps to build the project according to the schedule. The projects that come into operation will attract businesses to invest, contribute to the state budget and create jobs for workers.

Mr. Pham Truong Tam, Head of the Management Board of the Industrial Parks of the province said: In the coming time, the Management Board of the Industrial Parks of the province will continue to coordinate with other departments, branches, units and localities to organize the implementation, highly focus on compensation for site clearance of industrial zones, especially the area where there are still problems with documents and procedures. The organization of compensation, support and site clearance will be implemented synchronously and consistently, ensuring publicity, transparency, correct order and procedures, ensuring the legitimate interests of the people. The work of compensation, support, site clearance to hand over the land to the investor to implement the project on schedule according to the approved plan is completed but it must ensure the rights and interests of households, individuals whose land is recovered in accordance with current regimes, policies and laws.

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