The Official Telegram on the management and administration of petroleum products

Published on 03 - 11 - 2022

On 02/11/2022, the Prime Minister issued the Official Telegram No. 1039/CD-TTg on the management and administration of petroleum products.

According to the Official Telegram, in order to overcome the above situation and ensure the stable and healthy operation of the petroleum market, meet the domestic market demand and support socio-economic recovery and development, the Prime Minister requested the Ministers of Industry and Trade, Finance, Information and Communications and the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam to promptly and seriously implement the directives of the Government leaders in the documents: No. 2790/ VPCP-KTTH dated August 15, 2022, No. 6329/VPCP-KTTH on September 23, 2022, No. 326/TB-CPCP on October 12, 2022, No. 3785/VPCP-KTTH on October 25, 2022, No. 3816/VPCP-KTTH dated October 27, 2022, Notice No. 341/TB-VPCP dated October 30, 2022 and related documents, focusing on the following tasks and solutions:

- The Ministry of Industry and Trade shall assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the Ministry of Finance and relevant agencies in

+ To continue to actively follow market developments and legal regulations in the management and administration of petroleum products to soon overcome the above situation; ensure the supply of petroleum for production and people's life in all situations.

+ To continue to direct petrol and oil wholesalers and distribution enterprises to actively coordinate and balance both domestic and imported sources to ensure the continuous supply of petrol and oil for the domestic market.

+ To regularly inspect, supervise, promptly prevent and strictly handle according to law provisions for the acts of speculation, smuggling of petrol and oil across the border and other violations in petrol and oil trading; at the same time, encouraging and creating favorable conditions for enterprises to maintain production and business activities, ensuring petroleum and oil supply and national energy security.

+ To urgently review and propose amendments and supplements to the provisions of the Decree No. 95/2021/ND-CP dated November 1, 2021 and the Decree No. 83/2014/ND-CP dated September 3, 2014 on petroleum business; the standards, conditions, rights and obligations of wholesalers, distribution traders and other unreasonable regulations that need to be amended and supplemented...; ensuring the scientific, reasonable, feasible and effective, meeting the requirements of the actual situation and state management in this field.

- The Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Finance, according to their assigned functions and tasks, urgently implement the Government's instructions on completing the National Reserve Development Strategy to 2030 and related documents; ensure the maintenance of petroleum supply for the domestic market in all situations, meet the production and daily-life needs of the people; harmonize the interests of the State, people and businesses.

- The Ministries of Industry and Trade, Finance and the State Bank of Vietnam urgently coordinate closely with associations and petroleum wholesalers to review and summarize arising problems, proactively consider and handle according to its competence, and propose competent authorities to consider and decide.

- The Ministry of Information and Communications shall closely coordinate with the Ministry of Industry and Trade and the Ministry of Finance to ensure timely, objective and truthful provision of information related to petroleum, reflecting the overall situation of the petroleum market in the world and in the country in the current difficult context.

- The People's Committees of the provinces and centrally-run cities shall, according to their assigned functions and tasks, inspect and supervise the business activities of petrol and oil retail stores in their respective localities according to regulations; request petroleum trading enterprises in the area to commit to strictly complying with the provisions of the Decree No. 83/2014/ND-CP and the Decree No. 95/2021/ND-CP; inspect and examine the observance of the law in petrol and oil trading activities at petrol and oil retail stores in the locality, the compliance with regulations on price listing and selling at the listed price, the time to register for petroleum sale...; in case of detecting violations, strictly handle according to regulations.

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