Ready in the highest spirit to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic before, during and after the Lunar New Year

Published on 23 - 01 - 2022

On January 22, at the Headquarters of the Provincial People's Council - the Provincial People's Committee, the Provincial People's Committee and the Provincial Steering Committee for the Covid-19 Prevention and Control (The Provincial Steering Committee) held an online meeting on the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic.

The meeting is connected to the destinations of 10 districts, town and city; 161 communes, wards and towns in the province. At the provincial destination, the meeting was directed by following comrades: Mr. Nguyen Huu Nghia, Member of the Party Central Committee, Provincial Party Secretary; Mr. Tran Quoc Van, Deputy Party Secretary, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Head of the Provincial Steering Committee. In the attendance were comrades: Mr. Nguyen Duy Hung, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Standing Deputy Head of the Provincial Steering Committee; Mr. Pham Van Khue, Member of the Provincial Standing Committee, Standing Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Council; Colonel Nguyen Chi Cong, Member of the Provincial Standing Committee, Chief of the Provincial Military Command...

Comrade Provincial Party Secretary Nguyen Huu Nghia deliveres a speech to direct the meeting

According to the report of the Department of Health, from October 15 to January 22, 2021, 13,786 cases of F0 have been recorded in the province. In recent days, the number of daily cases has increased to more than 500 cases, there are even over 700 cases in some days, many outbreaks have existed for a long time. The whole province is currently collecting and treating 4,272 F0 cases, of which 1,407 cases are treated at home and accommodation in 9 districts and towns. 12,322 people are being isolated, of which there are nearly 900 people isolated at medical facilities and concentrated isolation areas; 11,458 people staying at home and accommodation.

The epidemic level of the province is currently assessed at level 2. For district level, there is Van Lam district at level 1; there are 9 districts, town and city at level 2. For commune level, there are 43 communes and townships at level 1; there are 116 communes, wards and townships at level 2; there are Xuan Quan commune and Van Giang town (Van Giang) at level 3. The whole province currently has 117 blockade points.

Speaking at the meeting, comrade Nguyen Huu Nghia, member of the Party Central Committee, Provincial Party Secretary, pointed out the reasons for the rapid increase in F0 cases in recent times: Many localities, people, businesses neglect in the work of epidemic prevention and control; the speed of vaccination against Covid-19 is slow as compared to the time before Tet holiday; the coordination among localities, businesses, professional agencies at all levels is not close. Comrade Provincial Party Secretary requested: The whole political system in the province is ready for the spirit of epidemic prevention and control at the highest level of determination. The localities comprehensively adjust the epidemic prevention and control work at all levels; strengthen propaganda to the People about the current level of danger and epidemic in the locality so that people would take effective prevention and control measures; strictly manage and test people from other provinces who return to their hometown to celebrate Tet holiday. Do not open doors, not hold festivals at monuments, tourism attractions... Localities and medical facilities arrange forces to deal with arising situations, absolutely not let people lack the access to medical facilities. To hang a warning sign for all families with F0 and F1 to be managed at home, require strict compliance with epidemic prevention and control regulations. People limit travel to visit, in which cadres and Party members are exemplary. To promote vaccination against Covid-19 for all permanent and temporary residents in the area. In the second quarter, the third dose of Covid-19 vaccine will be basically covered. To strengthen inspection and supervision of isolation and blockade areas to avoid infection cross contamination. To prepare for the concentrated isolation areas in localities to collect and treat severe F0. To absolutely ensure the safety of frontline forces and medical facilities. To generally review and sample of all workers immediately after businesses start working after the Tet holiday. To attach responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, especially testing for workers to enterprises, production and business establishments. Specialized agencies develop epidemic risk assessment levels and corresponding epidemic prevention and control plans for enterprises for synchronous application. The education and training sector will coordinate with localities to make a specific plan for students to return to school after Tet holiday on the basis of the level of the epidemic in the locality, at the same time preparing well a plan for epidemic prevention and control at schools. 

Speaking at the conclusion of the meeting, Mr. Tran Quoc Van, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, Head of the Provincial Steering Committee criticized some localities and businesses for being negligent in the epidemic prevention and control, and asked: The locality continues to direct Covid groups in the community to maintain regular operations; strictly manage population changes in the area to ensure that people from other provinces and cities returning home must have negative test results for SARS-CoV-2 virus by RT-PCR method within 72 hours or take a quick test within 24 hours, if there are no test results, they must go to a health station to perform a Covid-19 test. People are advised to limit returning to their hometown to celebrate Tet holiday. If they return, they should strictly comply with the regulations on epidemic prevention and control. After Tet holiday, all people from other provinces entering the province must stay at the place of residence for 3 days and have a negative test result at a medical facility in the province before going to work. Districts, towns and cities organize for business owners to sign commitments to prevent and control the epidemic before, during and after Tet holiday; direct communes, wards and townships to be drastic in the prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic in the area. For the vaccination against Covid-19, the vaccine will be delivered to localities according to the number of residents and workers in the area and immediately injected for people. Before Tet holiday, the rate of injection of the 3rd dose is at least 65%. Provincial police support forces for the grassroots in tracing work; strengthen penalties at the highest level for establishments and individuals that violate the regulations on epidemic prevention and control...

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