Hung Yen agricultural production overcomes difficulties, grows well

Published on 01 - 01 - 2022

In 2021, due to the influence of the weather and especially the Covid-19 epidemic, the market for agricultural products consumption has been narrowed. With the close attention and direction of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People's Committee, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has actively coordinated closely with relevant departments, agencies, sectors and the People's Committees of districts, town and city to focus on leading, directing, operating, deploying, applying a combination of technical measures and practical solutions, so agricultural production in 2021 is quite comprehensive. The agricultural economic structure continues to be positively transformed in the direction of reducing the proportion of food crops, increasing the proportion of livestock, aquaculture, vegetables, fruits and industrial plants. In 2021, the value of agricultural and fishery production reaches VND 13,318 billion, seeing an increase of 2.78% as compared to 2020; in which, agriculture reaches 11,860 billion VND, up 2.55%; seafood attains 1,458 billion VND, up 4.69%.

Hung Yen Trung lychee has a bumper crop and high price

In the field of farming, localities and farmers have actively changed the structure of crops and varieties in the direction of increasing productivity, quality and efficiency. The total area of annual crops is more than 76.3 thousand ha; in which, the whole year's rice cultivation area reaches more than 56 thousand ha; the high-quality rice occupies 71.2% of the area; the yield of spring rice is 67.4 quintals/ha, the yield of summer-autumn crop is 58.65 quintal/ha. The total area of ​​fruit trees reaches 14,618 ha, seeing an increase of 3.79% ha as compared to 2020; in which, longan has 4,700 ha, increasing 34 ha more than the previous year, the output is more than 41.6 thousand tons; litchi trees have 1,200 ha, seeing an increase of 108 ha, the output reaches 12.3 thousand tons; banana covers an area of 2,700 ha, seeing an increase of 294 ha, the output is nearly 89 thousand tons, up 26.8%; the area of ​​citrus trees is 4,250 ha, seeing an increase of 192 ha, the output reaches more than 64.8 thousand tons, seeing an increase of 4.98%...

Livestock and aquaculture activities, although facing many difficulties, have developed stably in general. The total herd of cattle and poultry in the province in 2021 has developed quite well, with more than 41.2 thousand buffaloes and cows, seeing an increase of 13%; pig herd reaches 493 thousand heads, up 8.2%; poultry flocks reach 10 million heads, up 0.6%. Breeding stock quality is improved in the direction of productivity and quality. Aquaculture has been maintained stably with an area of ​​5,657 ha, mainly in the form of intensive and semi-intensive farming. Fishery output reaches more than 51.2 thousand tons, up 5% as compared to 2020.

Accompanying and supporting farmers in production, the agricultural sector has focused on well estimating, forecasting, and preventing pests, diseases that damage crops, and diseases on livestock; applying and transferring scientific and technical advances into production, trade promotion has been effectively implemented. Irrigational work is concerned, irrigation solutions are carried out quite synchronously, closely monitoring weather changes, water sources and directing the implementation of solutions, operating the irrigational system to ensure adequate water sources for production.

Continuing the growth momentum, in 2022, the province's agricultural sector strives for the value of agricultural, forestry and fishery production to reach VND 13,930 billion; in which, agriculture: 12,271 billion VND; forestry: 9 billion VND, fishery: 1,650 billion VND; growth rate reaches 2.2%; the average rice yield is 62 quintals/ha/crop…

In order to successfully perform the goals of 2022, Comrade Do Minh Tuan, Director of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said: The agricultural sector focuses on synchronously conducting a number of solutions such as: To continue to understand and propagate the need and importance of restructuring the agricultural sector; change and unify the perception of commodity agricultural production in the context of international economic integration and climate change. To continue to well carry out approved programs, schemes, projects and plans on agricultural development; strengthen inspection and supervision of implementation, especially the consistency and integration with the province's socio-economic development master plan. To step up the application of science and technology to serve agricultural and rural development; research, select and create new plant and animal varieties with high productivity, quality and added value, in line with the province's development orientation; increase the application of biotechnology in agricultural production; focus on developing industry serving rural areas, first of all agricultural product processing and preservation industry; transferring scientific and technological advances in agriculture, especially seed technology, preservation and processing of agricultural products, creating a breakthrough in productivity and product quality. To improve agricultural and rural infrastructure; raise the capacity to prevent, combat and mitigate natural disasters and adapt to climate change. To concentrate on leading and directing to continue promoting the reorganization of production under the direction of the Central Government and the province; promote innovation and development of agricultural cooperatives in the direction of organizing large-scale, safe and good-quality production of agricultural commodities in association with processing and consumption; take interest in transferring agricultural labor to the fields of industry, service and rural occupations, contributing to increasing labor productivity in rural areas. To review and propose competent authorities to supplement and adjust mechanisms and policies, create new impetus for agricultural and rural development, serve agricultural restructuring, promote new rural areas construction, such as: the policies on breed development, production process and intensive farming; encourage and support businesses to invest in agriculture and rural areas, support investment in agricultural and rural infrastructure, especially in-field transportation and irrigational systems...

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