The Government’s action program on propaganda and promotion of ASEAN

Published on 14 - 07 - 2021

On 13/7/2021, the Prime Minister issued the Decision No. 1160/QD-TTg approving the Government's action program on propaganda and promotion of ASEAN.

According to the Decision, the goal of the Program is to propagate to all sections of society to understand the ASEAN Community, narrow the gap between regional cooperation and the public's perception of the ASEAN Community, create consensus, trust and support of the people, public opinion with ASEAN cooperation; raise the people's sense of " Community Thinking, Community Acting ", promote the role of the people to participate, contribute to and benefit from the process of integration and building the ASEAN Community.

The orientation of the Government's action program on propaganda and promotion of ASEAN:

- To create a propaganda circuit throughout, regularly and continuously from the central to local levels, demonstrate the main flow of ASEAN integration work; diversify products and forms of communication on the mass media, promote communication on digital platforms and social networks; increase sharing and exploitation of common information databases;

- To create favorable conditions for businesses, young people and people to exchange and learn about the purposes, values ​​and benefits that the ASEAN Community brings to Vietnam, etc.

- To strengthen information coordination among ministries, departments, branches, central and local agencies, socio-political organizations and media agencies.

The priority propaganda content is as follows:

- To prioritize communication on important political-diplomatic activities; investment, business activities, free trade agreements in the ASEAN region; human resource development, labor - employment; digital economy, digital transformation; education; environmental protection, sustainable development, consumer cooperation, cooperation in response and recovery after the COVID-19 pandemic of ASEAN;

- To prioritize propaganda, go into specific and substantive analysis of ASEAN's practical benefits for people to understand and implement, thematic communication on ASEAN's common policies and agreements on all 3 Pillars of ASEAN Community;

- To communicate about real-life stories, models and typical characters about the practical benefits that the ASEAN Community brings to the people of member countries, opportunities for people to participate and contribute to the Community;

- To communicate about Vietnam's participation in all 3 Pillars of the ASEAN Community: Political-Security Community: proactive, active and responsible; Economic Community: upholding ASEAN's commitments, supporting an open, multilateral, rules-based, inclusive and mutually beneficial trading system; the Socio-Cultural Community: promoting the building of a cohesive, resilient, tolerant and people-oriented ASEAN Community, taking the people as the center with the spirit of leaving no one behind;

- To emphasize the importance of ASEAN to Vietnam, affirm Vietnam's fundamental and long-term interests in building a more closely linked, united, unified and leading ASEAN Community in the area;

- To communicate about the process of formation, benefits and results of building the ASEAN Community (2015 - 2025); affirm the role and position of ASEAN, the achievements of ASEAN in the process of forming and developing the Community; emphasize the changes of ASEAN since the formation of the Community; clarify the significance of the formation of the ASEAN Community for cooperation and common development in the region as well as in each country; propagate the ASEAN identity and connect people to people in the ASEAN Community, towards a people-centered ASEAN Community;

- The media highlights Vietnam's position, role, contribution and imprint in the process of integration and participation in ASEAN, especially in the process of building a cohesive and proactively adaptive ASEAN Communist Party and leading in regional affairs; clearly state the potentials, strengths, opportunities and challenges of Vietnam when participating in the ASEAN Community, and the significance of these results for the lives of Vietnamese people;

- To promote and introduce the country, people, business opportunities, information about investment projects, investment promotion, tourism, culture, specialties... of Vietnam to ASEAN’s member countries and partner ones; introduce about the history, culture and life of the people of ASEAN’s member countries, the potentials and strengths of cooperation that Vietnam can exploit.

The propaganda object:

- Domestic: Vietnamese people, especially localities, business community, export associations; young people (students, pupils, young workers); people at the grassroots level; foreigners living and working in Vietnam, especially citizens of ASEAN’s member countries;

- Outside the country: Vietnamese people live, work and study abroad, especially in ASEAN countries and ASEAN's partner countries; foreigners, especially citizens of ASEAN’s member countries and partner ones.

In addition, the Decision also stipulates the funding and organization for the implementation of the Program.

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