The Provincial People's Council approves the general planning project of Van Giang urban area, Hung Yen province to 2040, with a vision to 2050

Published on 09 - 07 - 2021

On 30/6/2021, at the First Session, the 17th Provincial People's Council approved the Resolution No. 19/NQ-HDND on approving the general planning project of Van Giang urban area, Hung Yen province to 2040, with a vision to 2050.

Accordingly, the scope, area and scale of planning research are as follows: Scope of planning: according to the administrative boundaries of Van Giang district, there are 11 administrative units (01 Van Giang commune-level town and 10 communes); planning area: including the entire natural area of ​​Van Giang district at about 7,194.82 ha; population size forecast: the urban population forecast by 2030 is about 250,000 people; by 2040 about 350,000 people and a vision to 2050 about 500,000 people.

Regarding the goals, vision, nature and functions of the urban area

- Goals, vision

+ In the period up to 2025: focus on developing the framework infrastructure system and dynamic functional zones; develop green urban areas, model; meet the urban standards of grade IV and grade III respectively.

+ In the period of 2025-2030: synchronously build modern infrastructure and architecture, develop trade and services fastly and strongly, towards the establishment of Van Giang district-level town.

+ In the period of 2030-2040: complete the construction of urban infrastructure, especially inter-regional connection infrastructure - comfortable, green and clean living space, reaching the standard of grade II urban area.

+ Vision to 2050: become a green, modern, vibrant urban area, as an important traffic and exchange hub of the Hanoi Capital Region, with sustainable development.

- Urban characteristics and functions: Being the economic (services, trade, industry and housing development), cultural, scientific and technological, education - training center of the region. It is an important traffic and exchange hub of the Hanoi Capital Region, the Northern key economic region, the Red River Delta region and the whole country.

Regarding spatial development orientation, functional zoning and urban land use planning

- Urban space zoning

+ Centralized urbanization area: the area for selecting land for the construction of urban areas is determined on the basis of the expansion of Van Giang town and associated with two large urban areas, Ecopark and Dream City urban areas, including a part or the whole administrative area of ​​Xuan Quan, Phung Cong, Cuu Cao, Long Hung, Lien Nghia, Nghia Tru communes.

+ Around the concentrated urbanization area are buffer zones (the development of clean industry, high technology, logistics, trade, services...).

+ The area outside the dike (ecological urban development, tourism services, environmental landscape, construction management according to the Decision No. 257/QD-TTg dated February 18, 2016 of the Prime Minister approving the flood prevention and control planning, dyke planning for the Red River and Thai Binh River systems) associated with the existing residential areas is renovated and upgraded.

- Organization of urban space

+ Urban space: concentrated mainly in the communes of Xuan Quan, Cuu Cao, Phung Cong, Long Hung, Nghia Tru, Lien Nghia & Van Giang town.

+ Urban - trade and services space associated with the local railway station: concentrated mainly in the area of ​​Long Hung and Tan Tien communes.

+ Urban - tourism - resort - entertainment space: concentrated mainly in the area outside the Red River dyke.

+ Urban - clean industry and logistics services space: concentrated mainly along the Ring Road No. 4, Tan Tien commune, Vinh Khuc.

+ Urban - agricultural - ecological space: concentrated mainly in the area outside the yard in Xuan Quan and Phung Cong communes; inside the fields of Lien Nghia, Thang Loi and Me So communes.

- Subdivision of urban development management area includes: urban - tourism - resort - entertainment subdivision; urban - commerce - services subdivision associated with the local railway station; urban - clean industry and logistics services subdivision; urban - agricultural - ecological subdivision; urban subdivisions within the administrative boundaries of communes; dike protection corridor.

The orientation to develop technical infrastructure system

- Traffic system:

+ External road traffic includes following routes: Hanoi - Hai Phong expressway with 6 lanes; the Ring Road No. 4 with 6 lanes and the Ring Road No. 3.5 in the Capital region with 6 lanes.

+ Important main axis traffic includes: Side road (collector road) of Hanoi - Hai Phong expressway, with the size of 6 lanes on each side; side road (collector road) of the Ring Road No. 4 complying with the Decision No. 1287/QD-TTg dated July 29, 2011 of the Prime Minister approving the detailed planning of the Ring Road No. 4 in Hanoi Capital Region, the southern section ; Hanoi - Hung Yen inter-provincial road: with the size of 8 lanes, the building line crossing the Ecopark urban area is 100 m, the remaining section is 77 m; Song Hong road (newly built outside the riverbank): with the size of 10 lanes, the building line of 60 m, the air traffic corridor of 10 m on each side.

+ Urban traffic: Making reasonable use of the existing road network, upgrading and renovating to meet urban road standards; building new urban roads with the building line from 20 m to 77 m. To build 01 new bus station and 03 urban parking lots associated with the central areas.

+ Railway traffic; waterway traffic: comply with the Adjustment of construction planning of Hanoi Capital area to 2030 and a vision to 2050 approved by the Prime Minister in the Decision No. 768/QD-TTg dated May 6, 2016 .

- Other technical infrastructure systems: The leveling, water supply, electricity supply, rainwater drainage, wastewater drainage, solid waste management and cemeteries are studied and calculated to ensure the calculation criteria and standards for the urban areas of grade II, in accordance with the topographical characteristics and socio-economic development orientations.

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