To proactively deploy solutions to stabilize industrial production in the context of a possible outbreak of the epidemic

Published on 10 - 06 - 2021

On 09/6/2021, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued the Official Letter No. 3319/BCT-CN on proactively implementing solutions to stabilize industrial production in the context of possible outbreak of the epidemic.

Accordingly, in order to continue to realize the "dual goal" of the epidemic prevention and control, as well as the socio-economic recovery and development, ensuring the production at industrial production facilities, industrial parks and economic zone is very important. The Ministry of Industry and Trade requests the People's Committees of the provinces and centrally-run cities to direct the Department of Industry and Trade and relevant departments, agencies and sectors to urge businesses in the area to:

- Strictly comply with the guidance on the Covid-19 prevention and control at workplaces and dormitories for employees; assess the risk of Covid-19 infection as stated in the Decision No. 2194/QD-BCDQG dated May 27, 2020 of the National Steering Committee for the Covid-19 Prevention and Control.

- Review and proactively develop scenarios to respond to the epidemic outbreak, ensure the circulation of essential goods and input materials for production activities, without disrupting supply chains and large scale production.

- Implement solutions such as zoning production, adjusting production shifts, spacing production lines to ensure timely zoning when infected cases arise.

- Guide and urge workers in industrial parks, factories, enterprises and related people to make mandatory medical declarations; minimize outside contact.

- Proactively propose to the competent authority to give priority to vaccination or buy vaccines for workers from the welfare fund of the enterprise, especially for large enterprises and the ones participating in the production chain.

- Urgently assess the safety level on the Map of Safe Coexistence with Covid-19 according to the Official Telegram No. 680/CD-TTg of the Prime Minister dated May 24, 2021 on ensuring the Covid-19 safety in industrial zones.

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