The Official Telegram of the Prime Minister on ensuring the Covid-19 safety in industrial zones

Published on 26 - 05 - 2021

On 24/5/2021, the Prime Minister issued the Official Telegram No. 680/CD-TTg on ensuring the Covid-19 safety in industrial parks.

Accordingly, the situation of the Covid-19 pandemic in the world is still complicated, especially in Southeast Asia. Domestically, from April 27, 2021, a more dangerous outbreak in the community has reappeared. In particular, the epidemic has spread in industrial zones in Bac Giang and Bac Ninh, where hundreds of thousands of workers are concentrated, which poses a risk of disruption of supply chains and large-scale production. Currently there are about 70,000 factories and more than 300 concentrated industrial parks in operation in the whole country, the risk of outbreaks in industrial parks, factories and enterprises is great.

In order to focus on effective epidemic prevention and suppression, there should be a plan to ensure activities to avoid disruption of the production chain of industrial zones, especially those of large and multinational corporations, affecting the local and national economy. In order to ensure the implementation of the "dual goal" of fighting against the epidemic, while also developing the socio-economic situation, ensuring social security and people's life, the Prime Minister requested as follows:

- Ministries, branches and localities uphold the sense of responsibility and vigilance; organize to thoroughly grasp, strictly and drastically implement the direction of the Secretariat, the Government, the Prime Minister and the National Steering Committee for the Covid-19 Prevention and Control.

- The Chairmen of the People's Committees of the provinces and centrally-run cities, the Minister of Industry and Trade, the Minister of Planning and Investment shall direct all industrial parks, factories and enterprises to strictly comply with the regulations on epidemic prevention, self-assess the safety level, update to the Covid-19 safety map. To resolutely stop the operation when it is not safe and the security level is not updated on the system. The Chairmen of the People's Committees of the provinces and centrally-run cities shall direct the implementation of compulsory medical declaration for all workers in industrial parks, factories, enterprises and related persons (the provider and carrier of materials, goods, meals,...); strictly sanction cases of failure to declare or making untruthful declarations.

- The Minister of Health directs to urgently issue documents guiding the isolation and testing of workers in industrial parks, factories and enterprises in accordance with the characteristics of each region and the epidemic situation so that if there is an epidemic situation, it is possible to maintain or soon restore production and business, effectively perform the "dual goal" under the direction of the Government and the Prime Minister.

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