Industrial production maintains its growth

Published on 06 - 04 - 2021

In the first quarter, the development of the Covid-19 epidemic has greatly affected on industrial production. Facing the above reality, the province has focused on directing the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, ensuring the realization of the dual goal of preventing and combating the Covid-19 epidemic and developing the socio-economic situation...

The production at Hung Yen Garment Corporation - Joint Stock Company

According to the Department of Statistics, in the first quarter, the industrial production index increased by 6.07% over the same period in 2020, of which the mining industry decreased by 7.19%; processing and manufacturing increased by 5.70%; electricity production and distribution rose by 5.84%; water supply, waste management and treatment increased by 13.32%. Some products with higher output over the same period last year are as follows: Animal feed increased by 3.5%; non-carbonated mineral water rose by 7.68%; fresh water increased by 33.18%; other plastic products rose by 15.36% ...

Hyundai Aluminum Vina Joint Stock Company, headquartered in Pho Noi A Industrial Park and established in October 2006, is a 100% foreign-invested enterprise. Currently, the company is considered as the leading aluminum manufacturer in Asia, with advanced aluminum casting lines, modern extruders, and plating and polishing lines ... The company is manufacturing, constructing and installing building aluminum materials, producing phone covers and aluminum frames for TV screens to export worldwide. Mr. Park Jin Woo, General Director of Hyundai Aluminum Vina Joint Stock Company, said: In the first 3 months of this year, the Covid-19 epidemic has significantly affected the company's production activities. To overcome difficulties, it has performed two tasks at the same time: proactively preventing and combating the epidemic, at the same time boosting the production. With the attention of Vietnamese Government and the province, the production and export activities of the company are still guaranteed; production and export output increased by more than 5% as compared to previous years, ensuring stable jobs for more than 3 thousand employees, maintaining an average income of over 10 million VND / person / month ...

Textile industry is a field that attracts a lot of workers. To ensure epidemic safety and maintain production development, after the holiday of Tan Suu Lunar New Year 2021, garment enterprises in the province have strictly controlled workers from the epidemic zones, required medical declaration, followed the recommendations of the health sector "5K"; arranged suitable work positions; applied information technology to transactions and signing contracts; at the same time actively investing in modern facilities and equipment to increase labor productivity ... Therefore, there is no enterprise in the province to close or stop production. In the first quarter, enterprises have produced over 72.3 million clothing products, up 1.3% over the same period last year; maintained and created jobs and stable income for thousands of workers.

With the above results, all levels and branches continue to accompany enterprises, promptly remove difficulties and problems, reform administrative procedures, and promote investment promotion activities; disburse the public investment capital; support export promotion; ensure social security. Enterprises have proactively and flexibly carried out the solution to both do well the prevention and fight against the epidemic and still maintain the signing of contracts with partners, maintained production stability, created jobs and income for workers.

According to the functional sector, from now to the end of the year, industrial production may still face many difficulties, affecting the targets and plans. In order to achieve the industrial production target in 2021, the Department of Industry and Trade needs to continue to effectively conduct plans and action programs to implement tasks and solutions for the socio-economic development and State budget estimates in 2021. To coordinate in the synchronous performance of solutions to attract investment, put the industrial clusters which have been planned into operation, and carry out investment projects on infrastructure of industrial clusters; actively exchange and remove problems of investors in industrial projects, help investors speed up projects that are being implemented and expand production scale; effectively deploy activities of industrial and trade promotion in order to promptly advise and support enterprises. To support to provide market information, prices, encourage and support the building of joint venture relationships, linkages among domestic and foreign businesses, especially domestic enterprises and foreign-invested ones, which aims to promote the strength and spillover power of foreign-invested enterprises, and promote the development of the supporting industry of the province. Relevant departments and branches should step up administrative reform, regularly review legal provisions, administrative procedures of their respective departments and branches to promptly guide and assist enterprises in completing dossiers in handling administrative procedures.

Enterprises need to develop specific strategies, mobilize resources to focus on infrastructure investment, technology development, management skills; focus on training high-quality human resources; improve competitiveness in the market.

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