The Directive on organizing the 2021 high school graduation exam in Hung Yen province

Published on 29 - 04 - 2021

On 28/4/2021, Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee signed to issue the Directive No. 07 / CT-CTUBND on the organization of the 2021 high school graduation exam in Hung Yen province.

Accordingly, in order to organize the 2021 high school graduation exam in Hung Yen province to ensure safety, seriousness, objectivity, good quality, and create the most favorable conditions for candidates, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee requests the Department of Education and Training to well perform the following tasks:

- To advise on building the Plan to organize the exam in the province. To issue guiding documents and implement the exam plan. To strengthen the propaganda, widely dissemination and thoroughly grasp the regulations for high school graduation exams to officials, teachers and students, especially the 12th grade students in order to promptly, fully and accurately provide the regulations and necessary information about the examination; fully and promptly answer questions of candidates and people related to the exam.

- To direct the teaching and learning, completing the school year plan in 2020-2021; review for the 12th grade students in high schools, the ones with many levels of education, educational institutions with regular students according to the guidance of the Ministry of Education and Training and in accordance with the local reality.

- To take responsibility for presiding over and coordinating with relevant agencies and units to organize the exam in the province to ensure safety, seriousness, good quality, and compliance with the exam regulations, including: Organizing exam registration, printing and copying exam questions, monitoring exam, marking, inspecting, examining, announcing exam results and re-examination, recognizing the high school graduation.

- To fully prepare the conditions of human resources, material foundations, and equipment for the organization of the exam; arrange the exam points of the Exam Council reasonably, create the most favorable conditions for contestants' competition.

- To direct educational institutions and exam points to prepare necessary conditions, fully carry out the Covid-19 anti-epidemic solutions, ensure safety for candidates and those performing duties at the exam; make plans to arrange backup exam points and staff in case of necessity.

- To coordinate with departments, branches; the People's Committees of districts, towns, city and related units to ensure regulations on food hygiene and safety, security and order at the test sites; create favorable conditions for traveling, eating and resting for candidates and their family members, the staff performing tasks in the exam at all points; mobilize organizations and individuals to support candidates with difficult circumstances to participate in the exam, not let candidates quit due to difficulties in economic conditions or travel;

- To inspect and check the preparation and organization of the exam according to regulations to ensure safety, honesty, not let errors, negative events, and violations of the exam regulations occur.

- To monitor and synthesize the situation and results of the exam organization, report to the Provincial People's Committee, the Ministry of Education and Training according to regulations.

In addition, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee also assigns tasks to a number of provincial departments and branches and the Chairmen of the People's Committee of districts, towns and city.

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