To strengthen the implementation of the Covid-19 prevention and control.

Published on 27 - 04 - 2021

On 26/4/2021, the Provincial People's Committee issued the Official Letter No. 807 / UBND-KGVX on strengthening the implementation of the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control.

Accordingly, the Covid-19 epidemic in the world continues to be complicated, the number of newly infected cases and deaths increases rapidly in many countries, especially in India with the emergence of the double variant B1617. In a number of countries that share a border with Vietnam, the epidemic is booming on a large scale. Domestically, the Covid-19 epidemic has been well controlled, but the risk of outbreaks is always permanent, especially from people on entry or illegal entry; there has been a situation of negligence, subjectivity, inadequate implementation of anti-epidemic measures according to regulations and a phenomenon of fear of vaccination against the disease.

In order to maintain the results of epidemic prevention and control, successfully perform the dual goal to best protect the people's health, especially in the upcoming holidays, the Provincial People's Committee directs as follows:

- To uphold the responsibility of the heads of the provincial departments, agencies, branches and mass organizations; the People's Committees of districts, towns and city; Heads of agencies, units and enterprises drastically, synchronously and effectively carry out the proposed anti-epidemic measures with the motto "Active prevention, early detection, quickly isolation, effective treatment, complete treatment, prompt stabilization of the situation ”; continue vigilance against the risk of the epidemic.

Heads of provincial departments, agencies, sectors and unions are responsible for the epidemic prevention and control according to sectors, fields and management decentralization. Chairmen of the People's Committees of districts, towns and city are responsible for the epidemic prevention and control in their respective localities; report to the Party committee at the same level for unified leadership and direction of implementation.

- Departments, agencies, sectors, unions of the province, the People's Committees of districts, towns and city drastically direct the implementation and organize the inspection and supervision of the strict performance of measures:

+ To strictly comply with the 5K requirement of the Ministry of Health, especially wearing mandatory masks in public places, at events with a large concentration of people, on public transport.

+ Agencies, units, organizations, enterprises ... regularly self-assess the implementation of requirements and measures to prevent and fight against the epidemic, update self-assessment results on the system of the prevention and control maps periodically according to the guidance of the ministries and central branches (the management departments and branches are responsible for updating, guiding and urging the units to implement).

+ Regularly inspect and urge the performance of anti-epidemic measures within the management area, especially at medical establishments, schools, tourism establishments, production establishments, markets, supermarkets, airports, bus stations ...; strictly punish organizations and individuals that violate the epidemic prevention and control regulations.

+ Actively update and complete plans, ready to respond to all situations of the epidemic.

+ In case of detecting a disease case, it is necessary to focus on directing and immediately applying measures to localize, trace and isolate; resolutely not to spread the epidemic on a large scale. The application of measures of social isolation, blockade, and separation must follow the motto of practicality, efficiency, safety, but not let production and business stall on an excessively necessary scale; minimize adverse impacts on production, business and people's life.

+ Continue to limit unnecessary events and activities gathering people; in the case of organization, safety measures must be strictly taken; in particular, complying with wearing masks, disinfection and proper distance.

In addition, the Provincial People's Committee assigns tasks to a number of departments, branches and localities in the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control.

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