The project to develop the domestic market in association with the campaign "Vietnamese people prioritise using Vietnamese goods" for the period of 2021 - 2025.

Published on 19 - 03 - 2021

On 17/3/2021, the Prime Minister issued the Decision No. 386 / QD-TTg approving the Project for the Domestic Market Development associated with the campaign "Vietnamese people prioritise using Vietnamese goods" for the period of 2021 - 2025.

According to the Decision, the overall goal of the Project is in the period from 2021 to 2025, developing the domestic market to contribute to promoting production, business and consumption of Vietnamese goods by focusing resources to strongly promote market development activities with the names "The pride of Vietnamese goods", "The quintessence of Vietnamese goods", at the same time integrating into the annual action programs of ministries, branches, localities and units on the socio-economic development to create a strong resonance effect nationwide to implement the policy of the Politburo in the Conclusion Notice No. 264 / TB-TW dated July 31, 2009 on the campaign and direction of the Prime Minister in the Directive No. 24 / CT-TTg dated September 17, 2012 on strengthening the implementation of the Campaign and direction of the Secretariat at the Conclusion No. 107-KL / TW dated April 10, 2015 on continuing to strengthen the Party's leadership over the performanceof the Campaign.

Specific goals to achieve by 2025 are as follows:

- To keep the market share of Vietnamese goods that is strong with the rate of over 85% in modern distribution channels (shopping centers, supermarkets, convenience stores, mini supermarkets, e-commerce ...) and over 80% of traditional distribution channels (markets, grocery stores, ...);

- To keep retail sales of the domestic economic sector accounting for 85% of the total retail sales of goods in the country;

- Over 90% of Vietnamese consumers and businesses know about the Program on Identifying Vietnamese goods with the name "The pride of Vietnamese goods", "The quintessence of Vietnamese goods";

- Over 90% of enterprises know about the Movement "Vietnamese goods conquer Vietnamese people" and over 70% of enterprises participate in this Movement;

- 100% of provinces, centrally-run cities, ministries, branches and socio-political organizations build a communication channel (radio, television, newspaper, electronic newspaper) with the column "The pride of Vietnamese goods","The quintessence of Vietnamese goods" regularly propagate and promote the campaign;

- 100% of provinces and centrally-run cities provide support services to connect supply and demand for Vietnamese goods producing and trading objects;

- 100% of provinces and cities have replicated the model of Vietnamese Points of Sale with the names "The pride of Vietnamese goods", "The quintessence of Vietnamese goods";

- 100% of ministries, branches and localities can build a products distribution chain of small and medium enterprises, cooperatives, and households producing Vietnamese goods in the domestic market.

Eight development points of the project are as follows:

- To develop the domestic market in association with the Campaign with long-term purpose to arouse the pride of Vietnamese goods, help to properly realize the production and business capabilities of Vietnamese enterprises, the quality, designs and prices of Vietnamese products, goods and services; build Vietnamese consumer culture based on patriotism, self-reliance, and national self-esteem.

- To develop the domestic market for Vietnamese goods in relation to the national trade and market development in order to meet the demands of production and consumption; promote the development of the distribution system (made by domestic enterprises as the nucleus) to create favorable conditions for services, essential goods and Vietnamese goods, meeting global quality (export to other markets such as Japan, the EU, the United States ...) with the name "The quintessence of Vietnamese goods" to reach consumers in order to increase purchasing power, stabilize the market and improve people's lives in  the context of anti-epidemic Covid-19 and socio-economic development and deep integration with the world economy; carrying out solutions to focus on developing the domestic market, promoting circulation and performing synchronously and flexibly policies to stimulate domestic consumption; stimulating consumption of Vietnamese goods.

- To improve the domestic market in association with the movement on the basis of developing the commodity economy and the domestic goods production sustainably with the productivity, quality and national competitiveness increasingly improving, protecting the environment, maximizing the available potentials of each locality and each economic region.

- To improve the domestic market for Vietnamese products on the basis of application of utility software, e-commerce business, technology 4.0 to support Vietnamese enterprises to improve their capacity in production and business activities and participate more effectively in global value chains.

- To develop the domestic market in association with the campaign on the basis of mobilizing and efficiently using resources of Vietnamese goods producers and traders of all economic sectors; at the same time, the State has appropriate policies to encourage the development of various types of commercial infrastructure, combining harmoniously between tradition and modernity; invest in trade development, especially policies to support and encourage preferential investment in the development of commercial infrastructure in rural, mountainous and island areas, build pilot models of production - distribution - consumption linkage in order to create and develop a sustainable domestic market.

- To develop trade in rural and mountainous areas in association with the implementation of ethnic priority policies, socio-economic development programs, poverty reduction and ensuring social security and maintaining political security in the area (especially in remote, ethnic minority areas).

- To improve the domestic market in association with the Campaign at the same time promoting the role of the State and related organizations in market management in order to protect consumers, production and develop a healthy environment of Vietnamese goods trading.

- To develop the domestic market in association with the Campaign at the same time encouraging the attraction of foreign investment sources to promote the production and trading of goods in Vietnam, on the basis of conformity with international commitments in which Vietnam is a member.

In addition, the Decision also provides orientations, tasks, solutions, major development policies and the implementation of the project.

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