The Project on developing Vietnamese cities to respond to climate change in the period of 2021 - 2030.

Published on 27 - 03 - 2021

On 25/3/2021, the Prime Minister issued the Decision No. 438 / QD-TTg approving the Project on developing Vietnamese cities to respond to climate change in the period of 2021 - 2030.

According to the Decision, the overall goal of the Project is to proactively respond to climate change, rationally use natural resources in renovating, upgrading and improving urban areas, contributing to gradually control and reduce the level of air, water and soil contamination according to international standards; reviewing, supplementing and completing the system of legal documents, planning and investment management for urban development in the context of increasing risks from climate change; raising awareness, strengthening the coordination among ministries, branches and localities in operating and managing urban development in response to climate change.

Detail goals are as follows:

- To concretize the requirements and tasks of the Resolution No. 24-NQ / TW of the 11th Central Executive Committee, the Plan to perform the Paris Agreement on the implementation of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, the National Strategy on Climate Change, the National Target Program to Respond to Climate Change, the National Climate Change Adaptation Plan, the National Climate Change Scenario in the National Urban System Development.

- To develop programs and plans to investigate and evaluate the impacts of climate change on a warning urban system with high risks.

- To develop mission framework and solutions to adapt to climate change and sea level rising, limit and minimize risks in urban construction and development in Vietnam.

- To propose pilot programs and projects, funding and assign ministries, branches and localities to coordinate in the performance.

- Urban development orientation focuses on improving the quality of technical infrastructure, environmental services, the master plan on adaptation to natural disasters and climate change.

The project focuses on conducting 06 key tasks and solutions as follows:

- To investigate and evaluate the impact of climate change on the development of the existing urban system and the newly planned urban center in the period of 2021 - 2030; zone off areas at high risk of climate change impacts; calculate ability and level of self-adaptation, propose coping solutions; form a database system and warning map system of climate change risks in urban areas (the Atlas Urban and Climate).

- To integrate the content of climate change response into urban development planning and programs and plans; warn the risks in urban development areas that are likely to be affected by climate change.

- To review and supplement the system of legal documents, standards, and regulations related to urban classification, urban, housing and technical infrastructure development, investment and management planning, in the context of increasing risks from climate change.

- To form a system to control and limit floods and inundation in urban areas. To form reservoirs to regulate flooding, clear up, dredge, renovate, reinforce and adjust urban drainage lines. To build dykes, embankments, flood retaining walls, flood diversion, large-scale and modern underground water storage works. To zone protection and make solutions to resettle and relocate people in at-risk areas. To develop houses to overcome floods, the ones with high resistance to wind and storms.

- To improve the capacity of leading and professional cadres at all levels in urban management and development to respond to climate change. To inform on the impacts of climate change on the people, strengthen community coordination and stakeholders in implementation.

- To carry out cooperation programs in scientific and technological research, perform pilot projects on green and smart urban development, green and ecological architecture in response to climate change; build energy saving and emission reduction works; develop environmentally friendly, reusable and recyclable building materials.

In addition, the Decision also offers the project's products; funding and implementation of the project.

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