The National product development program to 2030.

Published on 04 - 02 - 2021

On 01/02/2021, the Prime Minister issued the Decision No. 157 / QD-TTg promulgating the National Product Development Program to 2030.

According to the Decision, the objective of the Program is to research and apply advanced technology and the achievements of the fourth industrial revolution to the production and development of national products to increase productivity, quality and competitiveness in domestic and international markets. By 2030, to form and develop at least 10 new national products; continue to support businesses to research and develop, expand production scale, improve quality and competitiveness of national products approved in the National Product Development Program to 2020.

Main tasks and solutions in the selection of national products from key and priority products of all sectors and fields:

- The selected national products for development meet the following requirements: Made on the basis of application of advanced technology, capable of registering for protection of intellectual property rights; having large scale, added value and high competitiveness, capable of replacing imported goods or bringing about export value, having pervasive and positive effects on socio-economic development or national defense and security; bringing into full play the advantages of human resources, natural resources and conditions of Vietnam, in accordance with the strategy of sustainable development of branches and fields.

- The national products are selected to focus on specific industries and fields: processing and manufacturing industries; energy; information, telecommunications, electronics and supporting industries; national key agriculture; national defense and security; pharmacy, health care and environmental protection; products with competitive advantages, effectively serving the transition of Vietnam's economic structure; other priority products at the request of the Government or the Prime Minister.

Main tasks and solutions in promoting research and application of new and advanced technologies, serving the formation and development of national products:

- To deploy researching tasks to master advanced technologies, increase the technological application of the fourth industrial revolution to support the formation and development of national products.

- To search and choose to import new and advanced technologies; research, test technologies, decode, master and improve technologies in accordance with the actual conditions of Vietnam.

- To promote international cooperation and exchange information with reputable foreign experts and scientific and technological organizations in order to solve complex domestic scientific and technological problems; form researching groups capable of absorbing, mastering, perfecting and creating new technologies to serve the goal of national product development.

- To prioritize allocating sufficient funding for scientific research and technology development activities, funding for information search, purchase of ownership, rights to use and technological know-how, hiring foreign experts and consultants in addition to supporting national product development.

Other tasks and solutions are as follows: Consulting, supporting the construction and development of typical organizations and enterprises producing national products; supporting enterprises to build brands, promote trade, develop national product markets; support enterprises to improve the qualifications of researching, technical and corporate governance human resources, capable of applying and mastering high and advanced technologies, and management skills through training and fostering activities during the implementation of the Program's tasks; supporting organizations and enterprises to participate in the development and production of national products by upgrading and investing in a number of new technical equipment for meassuring, checking and testing in accordance with the law.

In addition, the Decision also specifies the funding and implementation of the Program.

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