The Directive on urging the performance of tasks after Tan Suu Lunar New Year holiday 2021

Published on 22 - 02 - 2021

On 19/02/2021, the Prime Minister has just issued the Directive No. 06 / CT-TTg on urging the implementation of tasks after Tan Suu Lunar New Year holiday 2021.

According to the Directive, in the face of great difficulties and challenges in 2020, especially the serious impacts on many aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic and natural disasters, storms and floods in the Central region, with the high determination and great efforts of the whole political system, business community and people, the country has achieved important results, quite comprehensively in all fields, successfully implemented the "dual goals" of drastically preventing and fighting the epidemic, focusing on the socio-economic recovery and development; ensured social security and improved people's lives. In particular, the 13th National Party Congress was a great success, contributing to reinforcing the confidence, courage and pride of the country in the new stage of development.

The Prime Minister acknowledged, highly appreciated and praised the determination and efforts of the National Steering Committee for the Covid-19 Prevention and Control, ministries, agencies, localities and functional forces have successfully performed the tasks during the Tet holiday, especially the medical staff, doctors, police force, the army, volunteers and localities have been proactive and timely implemented the Directive No. 05 / CT-TTg dated January 28, 2021 of the Prime Minister, the Government's direction in the Resolution No. 19 / NQ-CP dated February 10, 2021 on the Covid epidemic prevention and control; localities have been very responsible, actively stopped many crowded activities (such as festivals, fireworks display...), arranged staff and standing forces and prepared to respond to any situation of epidemic; the cadres and soldiers of the armed forces have guarded and firmly defended the sovereignty of borders and islands day and night, maintained security and order, social safety and protected a peaceful life for the people.

In order to strive to successfully and comprehensively perform the goals and tasks of the socio-economic development in 2021 set out according to the Conclusion of the Central, the Resolutions of the National Assembly, the Government, the Prime Minister requested Ministries, agencies and localities to strictly grasp and focus on performing the following tasks and work right from the first working day after Tet holiday as follows:

- Ministries, branches and localities thoroughly grasp and steadfastly carry out the "dual goals", absolutely not subjective to the epidemic, proactively monitor, closely follow the situation, prepare scenarios, situations, and measures to effectively respond to disease developments; continue to strictly comply with the Prime Minister's instructions in the Directive No. 05 / CT-TTg dated January 28, 2021; at the same time, strongly promoting production and business activities in all fields and areas, creating an atmosphere of excitement right from the first year of implementing the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress and the Resolutions of the Party Congresses at all levels.

- The National Steering Committee for the Covid-19 Prevention and Control, the Ministry of Health, ministries, agencies and localities focus on zoning the outbreaks, rapid tracing, identification of suspected cases, and testing widespread; strictly manage isolation and blockade areas, prevent cross-contamination; promptly organize social distance when detecting new cases with appropriate scope; increase medical reporting at accommodation establishments; strictly perform the 5K message, especially mandatory wearing a mask in public; thoroughly stamp out the epidemic in the shortest time. The Ministry of Health shall assume the prime responsibility for and coordinate with agencies and localities in studying a new epidemic prevention and control approach suitable to the situations in the country and in the world; urgently implementing the Prime Minister's instructions on importing foreign Covid-19 vaccines, promoting the research and production of Covid-19 vaccines in the country; soon promulgating the process of importing and vaccinating Covid-19 vaccines.

- Ministries, ministerial-level agencies, Government-attached agencies, the People's Committees of provinces and cities directly under the Central Government continue to consistently aim at macroeconomic stability, control inflation, and ensure great balance of the economy, while promoting economic growth, and more drastic reform of administrative procedures, investment and business environment.

- The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development continues to closely monitor the weather situation, promptly direct and guide localities to carry out agricultural production plans, focusing on: cultivating spring rice in the North to ensure the seasonal framework; closely monitoring the epidemics on plants and animals, especially African swine fever and avian influenza to actively implement measures to prevent, combat and protect production; taking advantage of favorable weather conditions to step up forest plantation, protection and development, effectively performing the initiative to plant 01 billion new trees, organizing planting trees in localities right after the Lunar New Year; ensuring adequate supply of irrigational water for agricultural production; continuing to strengthen the prevention and control of natural disasters, especially droughts, saltwater intrusion in the Mekong Delta and thunderstorms, hail ... Localities produce the Winter-Spring crop according to the direction and seasonal framework of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; continue overcoming consequences of natural disasters, storms and floods, ensuring that people have stable accommodation before the coming flood and storm season.

In addition, the Prime Minister also requested the Ministries of: Planning and Investment; Finance; Industry and Trade; Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs; Transport; Health; Culture, Sports and Tourism; Education and Training; Police; Naitional defense; Foreign Affairs; Justice; Information and Communications; State Bank of Vietnam and Government Office; corporations, groups, enterprises ... according to their assigned functions and tasks to remove difficulties in production and promote economic growth.

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