The prevention and control of the Covid-19 in commercial and service activities

Published on 26 - 11 - 2021

The province currently has 107 markets, 23 supermarkets and tens of thousands of business establishments. Business, trade and service activities in the area are vibrant, especially in the centers of districts, town and city, near industrial parks. To implement activities to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic in the field of commerce, industry and trade services, strengthen monitoring the market situation; direct the production and distribution units of essential goods in the locality to increase their stockpiles, meet the people's consumption demand, and prevent the shortages of goods; promote propaganda and encourage people to buy goods online to reduce the risk of disease transmission due to the gathering of people buying and selling; strengthen inspection and require business units in the area to strictly comply with regulations on prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic according to the guidance of the province and each locality.

People have body temperature measured, declare health before entering Gao market (Hung Yen city)

According to the assessment of the functional sector, supermarkets and business establishments in the area not only strictly conduct measures to prevent and control the epidemic, but also actively supply and meet the quantity of goods, especially foodstuff, food, necessities and products for epidemic prevention and control. Mr. Nguyen Kim Hung, Director of The City Supermarket (Yen My) said: The epidemic prevention and control measures have been performed and maintained by the supermarket since the beginning of the year, such as: Regularly communicate to customers about the measures to prevent and control the epidemic through the loudspeaker system; arrange staff at the entrance and exit to ask customers to measure their body temperature, make medical declarations, wash their hands and wear masks before entering the supermarket. In general, customers who come to shops are conscious of strictly complying with epidemic prevention and control regulations. Along with that, supermarkets actively stock up on supplies, especially essential items to ensure supply for people.

In Gao market (Hung Yen city) there are nearly 300 regular business and trading households. Facing the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, following the request of the People's Committee of Hung Yen city, from November 5 to November 18, the market temporarily stopped trading non-essential goods; only allowed small traders to sell food and necessities; closed all the side doors, only opened the main door to improve epidemic control efficiency. Mr. Thai Dinh Canh, Head of the Management Board of Gao market said: To ensure safety to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic, the market management board maintains a force to regularly remind small traders and customers to comply with regulations on the epidemic prevention and control; disinfect hands, measure body temperature, make medical declarations for small traders and customers entering the market; regularly informs about the epidemic situation, epidemic prevention and control regulations to small businesses and people through the loudspeaker system; cleans and disinfects market premises...

Based on the development of the Covid-19 epidemic in the area, from the beginning of November, Hung Yen city and districts: Van Giang, Van Lam, Khoai Chau have issued documents directing the strengthening of the epidemic prevention and control measures, in which, requesting karaoke, game, internet, massage, gym, yoga, hairsalon, amusement parks, sidewalk dining establishments to suspend operations; restaurants, eateries, coffee shops, refreshment bars only serve takeaways, not on-site... Ms. Nguyen Thi Dung, restaurant owner in Dan Tien commune (Khoai Chau) said: Due to the complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic, we must strictly comply with the regulations of the district, not welcome guests to eat on the spot, but only serve customers who come to buy takeout or deliver on request. This is necessary to ensure the health of ourselves and the community.” Along with the performance of epidemic prevention and control measures in commercial and service activities, Khoai Chau district closely monitors market developments to ensure the sufficient supply of essential goods to serve the people's consumption demand, especially in areas that are conducting isolation and blockade.

It is very necessary to comply with the regulations on prevention and control of the Covid-19 epidemic at business and service establishments, especially at markets and supermarkets, contributing to preventing the epidemic from spreading in the community. In the coming time, the Department of Industry and Trade and localities will strengthen coordination in inspecting, organizing the supply and distribution of goods in the area to serve the essential needs of the people in the face of complicated developments of the Covid-19 epidemic in each level. Production and business units should increase production and business, reserve essential goods, avoid supply chain disruptions, and prepare goods to serve people. Localities have arranged volunteer forces, the Covid-19 teams in community, and delivery teams to assist people in purchasing and transporting goods. The system of convenience stores and markets actively calculates market demand, balances the source of goods, and serves the people's consumption needs well. At the same time, the management board of markets and supermarkets should promote information and propaganda on the epidemic developments, regulations, and measures to prevent and control the epidemic in business and trade activities to small businesses and people; strengthen supervision and remind the strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures...

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