The Decision of the Provincial People's Committee promulgating the Regulation on the management of delegations of Hung Yen province going abroad and foreign delegations entering Hung Yen province

Published on 01 - 11 - 2021

On 25/10/2021, the Provincial People's Committee issued the Decision No. 76/2021/QD-UBND promulgating the Regulation on the management of delegations of Hung Yen province going abroad and foreign delegations entering Hung Yen province.

The Regulation prescribes management principles; decision-making authority; responsibilities of agencies and units; order and procedures for sending provincial delegations to work abroad and receiving and managing foreign delegations to visit and work in Hung Yen province. The subjects of application are: Departments, agencies, branches, mass organizations, the People's Committees of districts, town and city in the prrovince; cadres, civil servants, public employees and employees working in state agencies, the armed forces units, state enterprises located in the province; organizations and individuals going abroad with the use of the province's state budget; international delegations, foreigners visiting and working in the province; other organizations and individuals as prescribed by law;

The regulations on management principles are as follows:

- To ensure the unified leadership of the Party, the centralized management of the State, respect for international laws and practices in order to maintain political stability, national defense, social order and safety, meeting foreign requirements in the new situation, contributing to the socio-economic development in the province.

- To enhance responsibility and proactive role of all levels and branches; clearly assign the tasks; there is inspection and supervision in the organization of delegations going abroad and the reception and management of foreign delegations entering the province.

- The management of delegations going abroad, foreign delegations entering the province must pay attention to the content, efficiency, right composition, thrift, ensure correct diplomatic etiquette and international practices.

- Cadres, civil servants and public employees who are Party members, cadres and soldiers of the armed forces, union members, members, cadres and civil servants in sectors with separate regulations on going abroad, in addition to performing the provisions of this Regulation must also comply with the specific regulations of the Party, the sector and the organization on exiting and going on business trips abroad.

- The contents not specified in this Regulation shall comply with relevant current legal provisions.

Principles of organizing delegations out: Agencies, units and localities actively develop annual delegation out plans; not organize foreign tours for cadres, civil servants and public employees with the state budget; not send delegations to exchange, survey and learn from foreign experiences that are not practical with the state budget. The officials, who are sent to join the delegation to go abroad, must be the right subjects and components, suitable to the functions and tasks of the agencies and units; the gifts for foreign partners (if any) need to be compact, economical, appropriate, focus on cultural significance, propagate and introduce about the country and people of Vietnam and the province. Do not arrange 02 (two) key leaders of an agency, unit or locality to join a delegation to go on a business trip abroad. While leaders of agencies and units are on business trips abroad, they must arrange executive leaders to ensure the normal operation of agencies and units, without affecting the performance of assigned political tasks.

Authority to decide on sending out delegations: For cadres under the management of the Politburo and the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee, overseas business trips must comply with the regulations of the Politburo, the Secretariat and the Decision No. 1755-QD/TU dated October 18, 2019 of the Provincial Party Committee on promulgating the Regulation on unified management of foreign activities in Hung Yen province. For cadres and civil servants under the management of the Provincial Standing Committee: After obtaining the consent of the Standing members of the Provincial Party Committee, the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee shall decide to send a delegation to go abroad on public affairs or have a written consent to allow officials and public employees to go abroad on personal matters. For cadres, civil servants, public employees and employees under the state management but not under the management of the Provincial Standing Committee, the going abroad for public work shall be decided by the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee. For cadres, civil servants, public employees, and employees going abroad for personal matters (medical examination and treatment, visiting relatives, traveling) shall be considered and decided by the Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee.

Procedures and processes for sending out delegations; the cases are not done the procedures of delegations out; principles of organizing delegations to enter; authority to decide on the management of the delegation to enter; procedures and processes for requesting delegations to enter are specified in the Decision No. 76/2021/QD-UBND.

The Decision takes effect from November 5, 2021.

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